Weekend Challenge: Wraith Early Strike Challenge (Early Strike, Early Victory!) :wraith:


3,000+ Stage 1 or Stage 2 Wins as Wraith


Read more information here: http://evolvegame.com/news/wraith-early-strike-challenge-weekend-month-of-monsters

Watch progress live at EvolveChallenges.com :smile:


Wraiths ;-;

:markov_cute: is ready >.<


This challenge is doomed :frowning:



Shit. This is gonna be hard. But I do want my gold Wraith booty though.


This is a hard core challenge. It is so on! :wraith:

EDIT: inspiration:


Considering that 99% of pub Wraiths flee till’ three. Yeah. It’s gonna be hard.


no chance. shame we wont see these skins


… I’ll try to force a fight before then :wink:


I don’t flee till 3. D:



Omg 0__0 Now this is a challenge!


Hmm …
Week 2: 17.10 - 18.10 Golden Wraith
Week 3: 24.10 - 25.10 Golden Goliath
Week 4: 30.10 - 31.10 Gorgon ?


Probably been answered, but do Solo matches count if we are connected to 2K servers?


This challenge is all me baby!


This girl gets it >.<

(Or dude O.O)


I’ll at least do my part.


Golden Goliath is off limits, announced in stream it will never be re-released.

No Goliath Golden skin challenge?

Only 3,000? Doesn’t this make everyone question the size of the community?


Nah shouldnt be too bad you we just gotta win 3000 games as wraith at Stage 1 or Stage 2 since people hate wraith because of flee til 3 its TRS’ way of mitigating that dread we have of wraith. Im feeling optimistic about it low win expectation i mean 3k is nothing more than 3k people play this game thats 1 win per person but ill do soooo much more as i love wraith play and no flee til 3 win win.


Once I face Laz players, they will be like: