[Weekend Challenge] Val Challenge! YASS! [45k stretch goal reached!]


Me. The answer is me.


Fluffy, calm down. xD

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! I will not be calmed!


Odd… Fixed now!

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I also called it!
I just thought it would have been something like heal X amount of damage or enable X amount of bonus damage.

15,000 wins per console.


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I like it this way, I can just play normally and contribute :smile:


They knew how many losses there would be if there were a bunch of Val’s running around just sniping xD

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So rough math; 3 days = 72 hours. 35000 for the Val skin, 45000 for the set.

35000/72 = 486 Val wins/hour
45000/72 = 625 Val wins/hour

I have no data on how many games are normally played per hour, to judge how significant this hurdle is.

As for those asking about Solo - my memory from what was said before is that in order to count, your game must touch the server somehow so the telemetry is read. Solo games, while they contribute to your masteries/ranking/etc, are not guaranteed to touch the server. Therefore the most certain way to get the telemetry in is to have a minimum of two human players in the game. A 2-player custom could do this. You could, in theory, have one be Val and other be Monster to rapidly farm Val wins, regardless of how stupid the bots are. I think this is not limited to Hunt; so Defend could also be an option if you want to have shorter matches for your customs.

I wonder though if the “dont do solo” is more for Console players than PC players… is the server more likely to get telemetry from PC Solos? Not sure if that makes a difference. For safety have at least 2 people.

The definitive word will of course come from @citizenphnix , should they choose to confirm/clarify the topic.

I will likely play this a fair bit over the weekend, with the caveat that this is ALSO going to coincide with the Arctic Hank Hunters’ Quest event - and since they have made it so fewer win it will take more time/effort to stay in the top %s, which means less time on Val for this event.

… yeah. Conflict of interest! :frowning:


Either way, you better be on this weekend, I need a Hank that isn’t horrible ~.~

EASY one …

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What he said last time about solo matches was this.

So… solo can count… but if you are gonna farm you’re better off with two people. It’ll be faster with 2 people anyways with one as the monster and custom so it doesn’t mess with your WLR if you care about it.

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35000/72 = 486.111111 / 3 = 162 wins/hour/console
45000/72 = 625 / 3 = 208 wins/hour/console

Prepare your console, update your games, nag anyone who doesn’t choose Val, I want a full predator set for the second time.


Lets all be honest

This is truly the weekend of Hank

Lets get it


Yay, the medic skins are awesome and the challenge seems doable!

This is gonna be a fun one. I play as Val more than any other, anyway. Has anyone else noticed that she seems to be winning in popularity among medics in the pubs these days?

ure gonne lose if ure playing val/hank

Come on guys, if their is 1 reason to win the stretch goal, it’s to have that adorable Bug skin.


Really? What’s your preferred pair?