[Weekend Challenge] Val Challenge! YASS! [45k stretch goal reached!]


Lets do this guys and girls!


This weekend, between 12:01 AM ET on Friday, May 15 and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, May 18, all Evolve games with Val in the lineup, count towards the challenge. If teams with Val win a total of 35,000 games,
everyone who plays between those days and times will earn the Val Predator skin shown above, absolutely free. But that’s not all: if the community blows past the goal and wins 45,000 games with Val in the lineup, everyone who plays between those days and times also earns the entire Medic Predator skin set, also shown above, absolutely free.

Things to remember…

  1. You don’t have to play as Val, you just need to have her in the match, so encourage your Medic friends to play as Val this weekend to earn wins towards the challenge goal.

  2. Reach the primary goal and the community scores the Val Predator skin. Crush the primary goal and win 45,000 games, and the community earns the full Medic Predator skin set.

  3. Everyone who plays Evolve contributes to the challenge, whether you play online or solo. Just make sure your console is online and connected to the game server so we can track the data for the challenge!

The winning skin will be rewarded by Thursday May 21.

Note: You must play ONLINE with at least one other human player to make sure your wins count. So custom or MP only. However, playing solo should count toward your participation in the event, meaning you would obtain the skin(s) - TMTR

Weekend Challenge: Caira Infinity Skin Challenge [not achieved]
What should the next community challenge be?

Slim Healing Bug Skin!



Erratic fan girl screaming

OMG! It’s a dream come true!


Too fast for you, @niaccurshi!

We can do this guys!




Okay, let’s do this again. Hey @MacMan, is this true?


I will get u guys atleast 100 wins for this challenge over the weekend :sunglasses: :medic: 4 Life


Do we have to do this every weekend? :cold_sweat:


CALLING @ZeroClarity
You gon’ love dis.


If the site keeps saying it, then yes, we must.
I’d rather ask before the challenge starts then after everyone has won games in solo.


Monsters are gonna have a ball this weekend :cry:


Shake that off!


No, you must play online with at least one other human.


I’m on the medgun!


I know.
But whoever is posting these news updates needs to stop saying solo is allowed!


Sweet, free monster wins for me.

Since it’s inevitable that we will win this regardless I’ll just play one match as sweet ol’ Val, then off to the stomping lands of Goliath and Kraken.



It has begun!


I’ll tag @citizenphnix to be certain.


Thanks for the edit Mountain, but I think you changed the title too. ;p