Weekend Challenge! Poison Frog Skin UPDATE: WOW 53,000,000+ I'M SO F***ING PROUD OF YOU GUYS! EXPECT SKIN 1/28!


This week's challenge features Goliath! Leap Smash your way to a sweet Poison Frog skin! Stay Tuned for more info. pic.twitter.com/VFi2URYW72

— Turtle Rock Studios (@TurtleRock) January 20, 2016

This skin looks sweet!

I’ll update this post when more info becomes available! I am super excited for this skin so we NEED to DO THIS THING!


This weekend between 12:01 AM ET on Friday January 22, and 12:01 AM
ET on Monday, January 25 the community needs to leap into battle with
Goliath and deal 45,000,000 damage to Hunters with Leap Smash. Deal
enough damage, and everyone that participates between these times earns
the Goliath Poison Frog skin.

  1. For this challenge you don’t need to play as Goliath, he just
    needs to be in the game for the damage to count towards the goal, so
    encourage your Monster friends to play as Goliath this weekend.
  2. Reach the goal, get the skin.
  3. You must participate between 12:01 AM ET on Friday January 22, and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, January 25 to be eligible for the skin.
  4. Everyone who plays Evolve contributes to the challenge, whether
    you play online or solo. Just make sure your console is online and
    connected to the game server so we can track the data for the challenge!
    The winning skin will be rewarded by Thursday January 28.



JK no *API

*API=basically livefeed of our progress

Is there a new weekend challenge?


FINALLY!! I’ve been waiting for this skin.


For Brazil!


That’s so awesome! Too bad I hate Leap Smash…


Yes!!! OMFG YES!!! I thought it would take ages before we’d get another try at the Poison Frog skin! Thank you so much TRS for giving us another chance!! You can’t imagine how grateful I am!


less Kraken more Goliath this weekend ? can it really happend O.O


Yes! I love this skin and I look forward to lighting the world on fire with it! :fire:

My only question is this: Does Meteor Goliath’s Leap Smashes count as well or is this strictly normal Goliath?


Yay!! Another challenge! :smile:


Don’t screw this up? You can’t tell me what to do! Kappa, I NEED this skin. ;-;


Ay bruh, anybody tryin’ to get smashed?


Too bad I like Meaty better than OG. Still, I like the skin, so I’ll be contributing lots.

Glad to see it cropped up again so soon.



Yay, now I can pick up evolve after 2 weeks of inactivity just for this ^.^


why dont you upload the image into the OP


Because you ever get so excited you forget how to internet?


Ugh… I’m ready.


Anyone knows what amount of damage do a 3 Leap smash?


I would guess so since the last few challenges have had adaptations count, but maybe the official post will say for sure.



Time for Arena, Monster favored, cooldown red and sudden death with caira. Awesome