Weekend Challenge: Lazarus vs Kraken [Kraken wins! - Voodoo Skin is Live!]


Finally a voodoo skin for the Kraken!!! :smiley:

Check it out and discuss: Lazarus vs Kraken Challenge

Next up, Lazarus and Kraken are going toe-to-er….tentacle. The upcoming challenge is a guaranteed-skin throw down for everyone that plays this weekend. Who comes out on top? Will it be lightning-spewing Monster or the Medic that jolts you back to life?

That’s up to you to decide.


This weekend, between 12:01 AM ET on Friday, May 8 and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, May 11, all games with Lazarus and Kraken in the lineup, count towards the challenge, with a free skin for the character with the higher versus win percentage. If Lazarus earns the higher win percentage the community scores the Lazarus Predator skin shown above absolutely free. If Kraken earns the higher win percentage, the community earns the Kraken Voodoo skin, also shown above absolutely free.

Remember, you don’t have to play as Lazarus or Kraken to participate, just get in and play this weekend to qualify. If Lazarus and Kraken are in your game, that game will count towards the weekends win percentage war.

The winning skin will be rewarded by Thursday May 14.[/code]

edit: they spelt kraken wrong in the picture :laughing:

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Oh Lazarus… you are so going to get rekt


That laz skin :heart: :heart: :heart:


U just gave Kraken a free win :frowning: I love laz tho…MUST DO THIS


Oh dear lord it’s horrible.

Edit: At least this may be the push that the devs need to confirm that Laz needs work :smiley:


We all know kraken’s going to win unfortunately :frowning:



I wonder what a karken is…


Dear sweet jesus the worst match up possible with that damn aerial attack… kinda happy i’m going to be working the entire weekend.


I’m… I’m going to play Laz. God dammit, I’m going to play Laz. I know I’ll regret it, but oh well.


Im so conflicted I love laz but i wanna finish the voodoo set ;-;


The image says “Karken”

Might wanna get that @MacMan


Me too! I’m going to play Laz, even though I know #Karken is gonna win.


I agree, he’s gonna lose really bad an that should show up in telemetry.


You guys are underestimating the Laz. Maybe on PC kraken is OP but I see a lot of horrible kraken’s on xbox


I’ll play Laz… I might not like it but I’ll do it.


At least I’ll finish my head shots for my elite this weekend. I haven’t been playing as Laz lately, so at least this will allow me to do it.

I think this weekend will show just how difficult Kraken is to take down right now, and how Laz needs some adjusting.


I have no idea why they would put Lazarus up against the monster that is best against him since all Kraken has to do is throw his balls at the corpse for 45 seconds.


Though I love skins…but now more Krakens and Laz this weekend. I’m avoiding pubs for a bit then :frowning:


This isnt gonna end well…all the shitty lazarus…lazari? Hes my old main so ill try to win as much as I can to help the cause :smiley: