Weekend Challenge: Hyde Vs Wraith (Wraith has won!)


Finally a new event! :smiley:

Check it out and discuss: Hyde vs Wraith Throwdown Challenge

Edit: I hope the Wraith wins…that skin looks dope!


This weekend, between 12:01 AM ET on Friday, April 24 and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, April 27, all games with Hyde and Wraith in the lineup, count towards the challenge, with a free skin for the character with the higher versus win percentage. If Hyde earns the higher win percentage the community scores the Hyde Predator skin shown above absolutely free. If Wraith earns the higher win percentage, the community earns the Wraith Voodoo skin, also shown above absolutely free.

Remember, you don’t have to play as Hyde or Wraith to participate, just get in and play this weekend to qualify, and if Hyde and Wraith are in your game, that game will count towards the weekends win percentage war.

The winning skin will be rewarded by Thursday April 30.

I think im done with this. game
Concern with Hyde vs Wraith event
Poll: #TeamWraith or #TeamHyde?
Why hyde vs wraith
Let's have Wraith get the most wins!
Wraith or hyde
Wraith Voodoo Skin Distribution
Y u no pick hyde?!
Voodoo Wraith Skin Not Unlocked
Voodoo wraith
Is wraith still winning?
Wraith won the challenge?
Wraith voodoo skin
Where is my WRAITH VOODO?!

Time to melt some fucking faces with my fucking flamethrower!


Paging @ToiletWraith for reasons



I’m going full Wraith this weekend. I WANT that skin!


I want that Hyde skin!!! Nothing gonna stop me!!!


Lol sorry Hyde and all Hunters that want that but Wraith must win :wraith:


Except me! :wraith:


Man I love Hyde, but sorry that Wraith skin is badass! I am taking the Wraith side on this one.


Oh…Hyde and Cabot



A line has been drawn, are you on #TeamWraith or #TeamHyde?


I don’t even play as a monster, but I have to admit that the Voodoo skin for the Wraith looks darn cool. It reminds me of Big Chap in Alien!


I guess we’re not playing Wraith or Hyde enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Aaaaah! I’m so excited!!!


Damn, I want them both! I’m torn because Hyde is my boy, but that Voodoo skin is badass. Ugh, I guess I’ll be melting some Wraiths.


Not after the patch anyways :wink:


TeamWraith but sadly im not a good wraith :frowning:


God…I hate to do it, but looks like I gotta put up my main man do some work with the little lady #TeamWraith


Well I am #TeamWraith can’t wait to destroy some hunters this weekend :wraith: