Weekend Challenge: Headshots with Parnell! (Main Goal: Achieved, Stretch Goal: Unreached)

Brandini has a Parnell thread on here that is very useful check it out

I don’t like Parnell, he bores me ^.^

We’re having a challenge for a character who has an ability that doesn’t properly work?

the real challenge will be trying to enjoy yourself while playing with a bunch of parnells who cant aim -_-

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Can’t wait I want those mines

Read this.


Does like each individual pellet count as a seperate headshot?

Thanks homie.

Yes, cast SS on cooldown hunters, me and my Rock Throw will be waiting right around the corner for you…

Easy mode, parnell will win.

Waste SS on trying to catch the Monster instead of a tactical DPS boost? Oh yeah, that’s great strategy right there.

Not my guide just something that could be considered useful for some. If it’s not your personal play style then don’t use it.

I do like this style of challenge better than the versus, we might actually participate this time! Parnell is fun, anyway.

See Hydes, now you can have your skin and eat it too.

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I’ll duplicate what they said on Facebook this morning for sake of message consistency: “Yes as long as you’re connected to a server.”

Now… how you would get to a server playing solo would be a mysterious and difficult process. If you want to be sure your shots get thrown into my telemetry collection, the only way to guarantee it is to be playing with at least one other human player in the round. All co-op games will count though (again, as long as you’re not playing alone) if you don’t want to go through PvP.


Sounds like a plan stan.

Thanks again!

Aww a Parnell event, but I am forbidden from using him.

So… I can play Kraken again? :smiley:

This is gonna be fun!