Weekend Challenge: Headshots with Parnell! (Main Goal: Achieved, Stretch Goal: Unreached)


[quote]How many headshots can you hit?

Last weekend, Wraith beat Hyde [link] in the head to head challenge with a 53% W/L ratio, to score the Wraith Voodoo skin for all that participated. This weekend Hunters have an opportunity for revenge, and free skins, with the Parnell Headshot Challenge. And don’t forget PC and PS4 players will be able to play Parnell on the new, free maps sometime before 8:00 PM ET. Check out the new maps again here: evolvegame.com/news/two-new-free-maps-coming-to-evolve


This weekend between 12:01 AM ET on Friday, May 1 and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, May 4, the community needs to land at least 2 million headshots on Monsters with Parnell. If you hit this primary goal as a community, everyone who plays between those days and times, earns the Parnell Predator skin shown above, absolutely free. If you surpass that goal, and blast at least 2.8 million headshots on Monsters with Parnell, everyone who plays between those days and times, earns the Assault Predator skin set, also shown above, also absolutely free.

Remember, you don’t have to play as Parnell, you just need to have him in the game, so encourage your friends to play as Parnell this weekend, and you can win the skins. Reach the primary goal, and you score the Parnell Predator skin. Crush the primary goal, and you earn the full Assault Predator skin set.

If either goal is reached, the skin(s) will be rewarded by Thursday May 7.

Parnell challenge

@XkrSkorpion, you got your wish ^.^



Oh boy, here we go again…


When will we get Voodoo Wraith? I still don’t have it.


we get the skin today with the new map.


So are there going to be challenges weekly?


… I’m supposed to be giving Evolve a break but…

@xino_zero! We’re going hunting! :sunglasses:


I don’t use parnell that often, but why not. Assault is my 2nd favorite role as hunters, and he also deals a good amount of damage.

We could still avenge hyde’s defeat and earn those skins.


I need to level up Parnell so this’ll be useful :smile:


Ok Monster.
Use Kraken.
Ground Kraken.
Cmon guys.
We can do this


Will Headshots count while youre using the super solder ability ?


They need to fix the SS bug though :weary:


@Shin I think this one was made for you!


Looks like an easy one


For behemoth do we go for head shots or his weak spot?


Yes. Capacity is a good perk for Parnell especially to nab some more headshota. Maybe reload speed or (if you can’t trust your medic) health regen.

As an assault main I am going to shoot some Krakens in the head this weekend!

Let’s do this guys!


Easy one? Last time I played Parnell, people told me to uninstall the game :frowning:


Yeah! 1010


Yayyyy ^.^ sah happy