Weekend Challenge: Beards and Brains (Hank: Yes :) Cabot: No :( )

Debbie downer in the house!

i don’t say we can’t do it, i say it is not as easy as it sounds

Yeah I am out. Giving people even more reason to play hank is just the worst possible move someone could have come up with.

In any game mode. You just need to play Hank to get Hank and Cabot to get Cabot.


I’m gonna Rectally Ravage any Monsters I come across with Cabot…

A bike shed (any colour will do) on greener grass…

It almost seems like the more I mention solo doesn’t work, the bigger the highlighting on the “solo totally works” phrase gets.


Boooo i want night hunter skins lol :smile:

What about Sunny? :frowning:

Lol I found your problem.


Yes! The weekend challenge returns!

Out of curiosity, which predator skin are you all most excited for? I’ll be sure to throw in first for whichever one is most popular!

  • :support: Hank :hank_2:
  • :support: Cabot :Cabot:

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Lets aim for both, but try to focus one down first. We got this!

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Actually, this is way easier. No game mode limitations. Evac, hunt, arena…it’s all good.

Side note: I disapprove of this Beards vs Brains title. Cabot has some facial hair and Hank is a pretty smart guy. Objection!


It’s not a vs!

But, I think Hank would be known for his beard before his brain, and vice versa for Cabot.

You guys cant possible screw this up


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Hank will be no problem. We’ll get him for sure. Cabot might be a bit more of a stretch. I’ll be dusting off the Damage Amp this weekend to help though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s said that for a while and it’s always been incorrect.

It has? Hm. Never mind then, I suppose.

Someone should PROBABLY change that.