Weekend Challenge: Arena -> Challenge Unsuccessful

We want to give the Evolve community a chance to earn both new skins and skins from previous challenges that they may have missed, while jumping into the exhilarating new game mode, Arena Mode. If you missed our Arena Mode announcement last week, check it out!

This weekend, the Evolve community has a chance to earn 16 skins! You read it right, the entire collection of Predator skins is up for grabs this weekend, and if you hit the goal, you get them all. Check out the skins below, read the rules, and then get brawlin’ in Arena Mode.

This weekend, between 12:01 AM ET on Friday, June 5 and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, June 8, all complete (best of 3) matches of Arena Mode count towards the challenge. If Hunter teams win 40,000 (best of 3) matches in Arena Mode between those times, everyone who participates gets the entire collection of Predator skins absolutely free.

Check back here throughout the weekend for updates on the community’s progress towards the goal.

Things to remember…

  1. You can play as any Hunter or Monster this weekend, as long as you play complete matches of Arena Mode, and the Hunter team wins, it counts towards the challenge goal.

  2. Hunters must win 40,000 complete (best of 3) matches in Arena Mode to complete the challenge.

  3. Everyone who plays Arena Mode this weekend and wins as Hunters contributes to the challenge, whether you play online or solo. Just make sure your console is online and connected to the game server so we can track the data for the challenge!

The winning skins will be rewarded by Thursday, June 11.

Curious about what challenges we’ve already had (and the rewards we dished out to our fans?):

-TurtleRock Gold Skins

-Trapper Predator Skins

-Goliath Voodoo Skin

-Bucket Predator Skin

-Wraith Voodoo Skin

-Parnell Predator Skin

-Kraken Voodoo Skin

-Val Predator Skin


I have Friday off! Let’s do this!

@MaddCow ninja’d my ninja!



10 fuckin char.

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Does Anyone else think this challenge is a bit stupid? it just encourages monster players to throw matches in order for everyone to get the skins as they gain nothing from it by winning all the time?

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The same could be said of every challenge. Who cares, just have fun!



Count me in. I’m winning this.

Next week is my last week of school, Evolve throws out their biggest challenge yet the weekend before. Let’s do this.

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Then you’ll have 16 new skins for the summer!

Things to say to Leatherface to make him eat his veggies…


More like 6 new skins.


And my rp group aren’t playing this Friday

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Depends if you had the opportunity to partake in previous weekend challenges or not :wink:


rainbow skin!


just realised… 16 skins…does maths … all Tier 4 are included.


Why isn´t it just combined wins… why do monster need to lose? thats balls.

It wouldn’t be a challenge then.

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Sigh. I hate arena.

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well. so my challenge is to deny the weapons then? that makes no sense.

besides playing x amount of games is a challenge in itself. after all you want people to play your game.