Weekend Challenge 7/17: Behemoth Wrecking Ball Challenge (Challenge met!)

Forums. I see you. Trying to catch me riding dirty.

The way I had it set up didn’t count Daisy. That seems like a mistake though, so she is now a fully realized bowling pin.


I dont really like this. Well i like the creativity but there’s no knock back on the roll anymore so you wont get than many hits .-. Well time for the grind

I love this guy already who is he?

i think this skin looks better than golden skin

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Me too, I look forwards to the gold skin to complete the set, but other than that this skin is waaaay purdier.


Here’s how you do it in style:

  1. Set hunters up in bowling pin position
  2. Get Behemoth to roll over them
  3. Profit.
  1. stage 3

  2. roll till your out of armor

  3. go get armor

  4. repeat

They see me rollin.
They hatin.


Even with the knockback being complained about I am soooo into this challenge. I find the roll traversal very good for ‘herding’ hunters closer together. If I can push Slim just a little closer to Cabot I can hit them both with the heavy attack, then LB3 and I have half the team already!

Fuck I fucking LOVE Behemoth!

Thanks TRS for all the goooooo times :wink:


Booo @citizenphnix has already used this bit! Get your own ya hoser!

I am unoriginal and I don’t bother reading topics!

Fair enough.

Spoken like a true Bear Stream.

Sounds like an excellent time for some custom games!

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I already have my jam for the weekend.

I’m gonna have a ball with the challenge this weekend.



I was hoping for more of a song Mashup. :confused:

it looks like a savage skin his spine is black along with his skin in between the rocks

oh goody my boy behemoth getting some challenge love making big commitment here 200k is a lot. Have they been keeping up with the tracking device on challenges i wasn’t on for daisy one

Am loving the sound of this challenge already. I Elited him last night so now its time to play.

Run little Hunters, run… (insert evil laugh) :sunglasses:

its called the blood skin