Weekend Challenge 7/17: Behemoth Wrecking Ball Challenge (Challenge met!)

Does this mean a free behemoth weekend too?

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Not likely, but maybe!

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I certainly hope that “hit a hunter with your roll” also includes “hitting a hunter with a heavy melee attack roll”, or else this could spell bad news for this challenge.

How bad do you want them to Bundle all those single Monster Skins?

  • Really bad
  • Wait they haven’t yet?
  • Throws Money at screen
  • image

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I realli hope it count if we do it on daisy

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I would be surprised if it didn’t. I am like 95% certain that Daisy counts as a hunter.

What does the skin look like

It appears to be red!

I hope the armor will be orange \ yellow so it will looks Like Magma ore fire


First post

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I hope the livestream will reveal something about T5 not just the chellange -.-

Imaging Miley Cryus over this image:

I came in like a Wrrrrreeeecking Ball


Don’t get your hopes up that way if there is you will be shocked.

Yeah because u must kill her in hunt 2 kill all hunter so she must be a hunter she works 2 if u want 2 Elite someone i has got my Elite Monsters & Medics whit herw

When I play Bob I almost never try to run over Hunters in the ball. It doesn’t do very much damage. I think I’m gonna get to S3 while farming a few strikes throughout and then get domed with full armor at the relay and just keep rolling around into the Hunters as long as my armor will last. :open_mouth: And if I don’t get rekt while doing that, I’ll kill em after. :sunglasses:


If we can do it solo it will be very easy xD

My favorite color for my favorite monster… This is a good weekend!

Springsteens wrecking ball is worth a listen too :wink:

Look the Wrecking Ball FATALITY (23:15)

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