Weekend Challenge 05/06-05/08 : Surprise Skin Challenge!


The mystery skin is staggering :smiley:


But when will it be rewarded? LET ME KNOW!!! #SWAG :unicorn:


Usually by next Thursday.


^^ 10 chars


I always get my challenge skins on a Tuesday. I think TRS distributes them on Tuesday, but the latest you should receive them is Thursday.

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Yup contacted 2k support. This was the only time I could do it tho.


I played yesterday between 16:00 and 18:00, does it count?


Were you connected to the internet/Did your 2K profile sign in in-game?


Lol… I’m pretty sure she said it was a skin that nobody knows it exists… So yes, it’s a new skin.


Yes, as always. You’re system has to access their servers.


Please be a monster skin :slight_smile:


Close! It’s a gold skin for Kala!


Perhaps if the idea was vague enough…


Hello welcome to the forums :stuck_out_tongue:
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######@TheMountainThatRoars how could you not see he/she was new and not welcome them
Welcoming intensifies

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Welcome to the forums ^^ have fun and enjoy your stay :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry to dig up an old thread like this but I must ask-

This is one of the few challenge skins I missed and, incidentally, the only one I care about…Will there be another chance for this one soon? :slight_smile:

Or will it go out on the store anytime? A response would make me eternally grateful.

Sorry again for digging up an old thread.

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I think every Founder that owned Kala got the skin.


As a founder that owned Kala, that is incorrect. :frowning:


Maybe it only carried over if you got the skin during the challenge. Odd, we got every other challenge skin to my knowledge.

Doubtful it’ll come back again any time soon. But necro threads need not be brought back, you should have made a new thread instead of rezzing two of them.


My apologies, I didn’t know it was that big of a deal. :open_mouth: Sorry.

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