Weekend Challenge 05/06-05/08 : Surprise Skin Challenge!


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!

This weekend we will be holding a SURPRISE SKIN CHALLENGE!

Based on your combined votes both here, and on the twitter, a random skin of the same type will be chosen for this weekend's challenge prize!

Voting starts now & will close at 8PM PST on 05/05!

Click HERE to vote on Twitter!

How do you win the skin you ask? Simply play this weekend at some point in time!

For example, if the winner is the Infinity Skin and you play this weekend, you will be awarded an Infinity skin of our choosing that has not been awarded before!

However, if you choose the “Mystery Skin” you will get a skin you never knew existed in the first place…

Tempting, huh?

Enough with my rambling!

Get to voting! :smiley:

Click HERE to vote on Twitter!

  • Infinity Skin
  • Union Jack Skin
  • Mystery Skin

0 voters

Mystery Skin = Kala Gold Skin
Didn't get the Kala gold skin


I picked Mystery skin, just because I want to know what it is. I am mostly using the Elite skin anways, so I dont really care that much :stuck_out_tongue:


As if there’s any choice besides the mystery skin! :smiley:


The other two are random skins for a random hunter, however, the mystery skin… I get the strong feeling you’re gonna dig it.


Is it a skin for Kala?

Mystery Skin = Kala Gold Skin


Let’s be honest, who is really not going to pick the mystery skin? :smile:

I’ll definitely be on this weekend.


Mystery skin, obviously :smiley_cat:




Risked it all and took the mystery skin.
Don’t mess with wild boyz like me😎


Mystery skin huh? Sounds interesting.


Damn dank gifs…


i only must connect to the multiplayer on friday to get the skin right ? i sadly cant play this weekend and next week because im on holiday ^^


All in for the mystery skin!


:frowning: I have to do school on that day and I don’t know my dad’s steam password! WHY?!


inb4 Random Skin is Elite Goliath Skin…



Mystery skin!!! :heart:


100% mystery skin! :stuck_out_tongue:

It better be a soccer skin for Bob.


Maybe it’s Emet’s Glitter skin?