Wednesday PS4 customs


Hey everyone, been mentioning it in stream, but wanna post it here. Going to be doing community custom streams on Wednesdays, from 6:30-9 EST on PS4. It’ll be a fun way to possible meet new people once a week and try hunters or monsters you otherwise might not try. Also might be a good way to play against some monsters or hunters you may not get a chance to play with.
If you’d like to take part, add me on PSN Jayrob2k7.

Looking forward to seeing whomever is there! Have a great night!!!


Awesome adding you!


You know ill be there Jay
As for the other people here…


Stage 1 or no bal…


Lol thought @Wednesday13 is now on ps4 after reading the title. Lol.


I’ll do it. Getting bored anyway.:+1:


I’m sad that I forgot… what is my punishment?




Also just wanna say had a great time, thanks to those who took part and tuned in! This will be a weekly thing so if you’re interested, let me know!!!


Bump bump bump it up ayyyyy!


(im on xbox but heyyyyy)



What time is that in UK time? I could possibly join after 7ish.


They start at 6:30 EST on Wednesdays, if not enough want to join in I usually stick to quickplay with whomever is in. Around 9:00 EST I switch to hunt 2.0 for the rest of the stream.
I’m bad with international times, but add me on PSN Jayrob2k7
That way you’ll see when I’m on Wednesdays and hopefully can join in.
Yesterday was quiet, but nice as I was able to get some rounds in with @Torvald_Stavig , great night overall, tons of fun had in the stream. It’s a very good re-watch, but I posted some highlights of people don’t have enough time!!!