Web snare not re-setting Lennox lance stack



Played a game against a Gorgon as Lennox. I know that acid spit doesn’t kill her stack, but got hit by several web snares and kept the 4x stack.
I don’t know if this is either a bug or a new feature. With regards to the latter, it definitely felt very nice. Especially considering how easy it is to accidentally get hit by that ability, and Gorgon is a very slippery target anyway.


Pretty sure it’s a bug. I’m gonna move this into the bugs category, and if it’s revealed to be a feature, tag me and I’ll change it back. Or someone else might. Just tag me.


No worries. I wasn’t sure myself so I just left it ‘assault’.


The same thing happens with fire breath. People say that if fired directly on Lennox, it resets the stacks, but it never does when I play as her.


hasn´t she this passive that she is knockback resistant? Maybe that´s her special power :slight_smile: