Weather types


Just felt we needed a quick list of confirmed weather types. I don’t have decent photos just now, so it’s just names and descriptions. Of course, hit me up if theres some i’ve missed.

Rain: One we’ve seen for a while, rain will lessen hunter ability to track the monster.

Fog: Confirmed during the KYR_SP33DY match, fog reduces visibility across the map.

Snow: Covers the map and gradually obscures footprints.


I feel like we won’t get more than those two, since the others probably are on unrevealed maps. Also, do we have any overhead layouts of the maps? Calling in the Evolve Sherlock! @Plaff


I thought I heard something about weather (rain I think) also negatively impacting the monsters ability to detect the hunters?


I cannot confirm this one yet, but it seems probable, @SlabOMeat ! We pray for Devine knowledge.


I do know they confirmed snow at E3, though the circumstances triggering it were not explained. As I recall, it blurs vision and covers prints.


Rain will presumably also affect visibility.


We don’t. I’ve seen the layout for the forest map, but honestly I can’t remember it well.

I still feel like there could be a few more things in the game that effect how you play. Not necessarily “weather” but other things such as forest fires (that was just an example since it isn’t really a type of weather)


Hopefully this concept art will be the map that has the snow weather effects then


I am really hoping we can get map layouts before launch… but for some reason I doubt we will =[[ I wanna just print out like 20 of each and layout all my possible routes and tactics :sunglasses:


It would be pretty creepy seeing the Kraken suddenly emerging from the fog, it could be like the movie (the fog), also it would be interesting if they had other effects like sandstorms or large clouds of smoke coming out of vents


I desperately want some sort of obscuring weather effect like smog or a gas


That’s what fog will do


Smog is a mix of smoke and fog


Rain, from what I remember, negatively affects the monster’s range that it can smell.


Be nice to have a monster being able to come outta vents, grab a hunter and it’s MIA for a set time. Really nice when they announce a create Evolve monster contest


How about a strong wind. Would effect the monsters detection ability (it’s based on smell isn’t it?) by increasing it in one direction and decreasing it in the other. Positioning to try and get upwind of the monster and vice versa would be important.