Weather should affect monster smell range

As the title says. I feel as though inclement weather during a match (snow, rain, dust storms, etc.) are a massive detriment to the hunter team but does not affect the monster’s ability to smell at all. In a game that relies on balance, having a snowstorm start up as a monster’s looking for a stage 2 evolve is kind of a bummer, as you know the monster will be able to freely see you since they aren’t as reliant on their eyes.

It only makes sense that a heavy downpour or a wild dust storm would affect the monster’s ability to smell. Maybe reduce the monster’s smell range by 10 meters or so during either of these weather effects? This would have more of an effect on gameplay during this moments since both teams would have to rely much more on sound than sight, and this would really open the door for surprise engagements on both sides.

Everything else in the game affects both sides of the coin, so why not weather? The modifier is already in the game with the Evac hunter buff, so I imagine it’s possible, though probably wildly complicated, to have it take effect during ambient weather.

And I accept that snow wouldn’t affect your ability to smell, or at least not much, so I wouldn’t mind that not having any effect on the monster’s smell range.

As a side note, if you haven’t explored all the maps with clear weather on, you should. They’re flippin’ gorgeous, and you can actually appreciate the detail when they’re not obscured by particle effects and shadows.


It used to but people complained and didn’t understand why it suddenly ‘changed’ because of weather, so they took it out.

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I liked this because “thank you,” but dammit. That’s a shame.

I kind of understand why monsters complain about perfectly logical things that bother them, but I’m more in favor of balance than anything else. I’m 100% not concerned that monster-only players don’t think it’s “fun” to have minor complications or alterations to their gameplay. They just want to buff-hunt and pubstomp. :frowning:

It’s good to know TRS did the right thing, design-wise, at the start though. Complainers get their way, I suppose.

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Ya, I believe it was still there in the Alpha/Beta. I remember snow limiting a lot of what the monsters ‘saw’. It was kinda neat. I would love to play in a level with thick heavy fog and both monsters and hunters were limited in ‘sight’.


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I imagine this mechanic coupled with say slims spore cloud would be massively hindering on game clarity.

Slim’s spore cloud isn’t very bothersome in my opinion. But I don’t want to have that conversation anymore as it will inevitably derail.

As someone who enjoys playing both hunter and monster and also believes in balance, I believe slim’s spore cloud is fine as is.

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I kind of agree, that it should affect smell in some way. Either a small range decrease, or perhaps making it less precise.

Actually just talked about this to someone, that dropping into rain screws over the Hunters entirely, but hardly even affects Monsters.

That’s my main issue. If it doesn’t affect the monster really at all, but is a massive detriment to the hunters, it probably just shouldn’t be in the there because of the imbalance.

I like that the weather’s there, and it looks fantastic, but it’s a bit silly that rain doesn’t negatively affect smell range, as it actually does in real life. Balance isn’t fun though, apparently.

What about when the sun comes out, and the hunters can see the monster a mile away, but the monster can’t reliably see the hunters at long range due to their combination of size and perspective.

The monster has much greater difficulty finding the hunters beyond smell range than the hunters do finding the monster. I would rather the weather change more often, to create periods of time for the monster to come out and feed before having to retreat into hiding while the sky is clear until the next break.


To be fair thematically it makes sense for snowstorms / sandstorms to slow down hunter movement speed , i also think that landing a properly timed rock throw / lighting strike is not as easy in bad weather .

Considering the monster can move much faster than the hunters, can hear jetpacks from super far away, and can see jetpacks from very far away as well, I don’t see the issue with that.

I’m generally well aware of the hunters seeing me from a distance. And I know it’s my fault.

I do like your idea for more quickly changing weather though.

But your vision isn’t really impaired as a monster because of smell-o-vision, so it shouldn’t be that difficult. If you’re not spamming smell in combat, you’re doing it wrong. Unless you’re fighting a Slim. In that case, stop smelling and use your peepers.

If you mean very long range attacks, then sure, but if you can’t really the see the hunters at range they can’t see you either and that’s your opportunity to book it, break LoS and go eat at the local Thunderchicken Drive-Thru.

A situation where slim is spamming spores in weather that has visual impairments on the monster , so you cant smell and your vision is deterred just as much as the hunters , in this situation i would use gobi to highlight the monster giving full vision of his outline to me and all hunters while he is looking through snow particles/ spore particles for tiny hunters , what would you do then as the monster player to counter this ?

Move out of spore clouds, pay close attention to jetpacks and weapon fire to indicate hunter positions and move unpredictably to mitigate damage and stay out of stasis and spores.

If I couldn’t put any damage on reliably because of sight issues, I’d disengage as soon as possible, armor up and try to bait them into a fight on my terms, hopefully once the weather has abated.

So…be thoughtful and patient, in short.

Edit: Also, if you’re getting spammed with spore clouds, it means he’s not shooting at you much, so that’s less incoming damage and less effective heals, so your patience in combat will likely pay dividends. That, and high value targets and attacks have very bright tells. Follow the leech gun tracers back to slim, locate his bright white wings in the darkness, turn on support because you just saw the shield projector, etc.

I’m not saying I’m an amazing monster, but I’m not going to cry foul because I’ve been hit with a spore cloud in the rain. I’ll just focus and pay better attention rather than rely on the smell-o-vision to locate hunters for me.

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