Weather or not; it matters!


Maybe it was because I had to turn down my settings to get playable rates, but I love ambient weather. Rain is the most common. I would love to see the game support randomized weather, depending on the map.

Rain can come in as a light sprinkle, a moderate shower, or a torrential downpour. Thunder can roll softly overhead or be rather violent in its rapture. Snow can be of varying thickness and loss of visibility scales with that. Howling winds, rolling fogs, there’s quite a lot of potential to add some ambient immersion.

Geysers spraying mist into the air, turbulent air effects over heated pools of viscous liquid. water-splashing effects based on the size/motion of what disturbs it, steam rising from water pools as hot sources are submerged into them, the variable thud of the footsteps of a massive beast or monster…

OK, wait a minute, I went from Weather effects to visual and sound effects… but you get what I mean! Immersion, baby! :smiley:


already implemented. in fact sand storms can save you as the monster!


Really? Wow. Having to drop the game to low must have just about disabled everything! I watched a TON of YT vids on machines that had no problem running the game and I don’t ever recall seeing variable snow or rain or thunder…


Yea and most storms erase the monsters foorprints quicker.


I heard this, but that rain is static in that it falls at 1 particular speed, no? I’m looking for variable weather. Have a light drip (slower footprint erase) all the way to a torrential downpour that speeds up the footprint erasing.

There can be 20 minute gameplay sessions where it doesn’t rain once. Or you could have a match where it was heavy downpour for 10 minutes. I just think it would be a neat, dynamic gameplay variable. And when I talk downpour, I mean ones that make the Rain Scene in Jurassic Park look like a light shower. :slight_smile:


There is a build up and wind down before and after the main snow/rain storm. That being said though, I feel that all the weather helps the monster. I would like to see some bonus weather for hunters.


Thats what we call sunny days :stuck_out_tongue: lol


But seriosly I believe the monsters smell range is reduced during certain weather patterns.


I think rain affected both sides negatively no? Footprints faded faster, making it harder for the Hunters to track (and Daisy suffered as well) and the effective range of the Monster’s smell ability was reduced too. Heck, I’m all about it for the immersion!


I don’t think smell was affected, and if it was, it seemed pretty minor as I don’t think I really even noticed. I wouldn’t mind night missions to have a ‘full moon’ where monster tracks are 20-30% more visible, same with day maps having ‘full sun’ coverage. Allow the hunters to have some weather to look forward to.


I have a video of me playing as Goliath during a rainstorm on Fusion Plant;

The weather is awesome in the game, really adds to it. There’s sandstorms on Dam and blizzards on Distillery.


Do weather effects change with graphical setting? I recall playing with rain, snow, and fog and I was on Low.


I was on medium and that Blizzard in Distillery is hugely debilitating as a Hunter. I loved it :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm wonder if I need to turn my xb1 up to see these debilitating effects…


Lemme see if I can find that Blizzard game. It sucked.


Here is a torrential rain one.

Here is a snow one. I can’t recall if that was the worst rain/snow but good examples I think.


Yeah I played as the monster so much I didn’t notice the weather effects too much, sniff and all.


I felt like that weather was always Pro monster. It never felt like something I needed to work around/adapt to like it does with Hunters.


Might be because as the hunters visibility is vital, especially if the monster/ ai is waiting for you 20 paces ahead.


I definitely agree. The dynamic weather was amazing the first time I dropped into a raging blizzard and just thought to myself, “How the hell am I going to track the Monster in this shit?”