Weather control stuck on rock edge glitch (stage 2)


My assault get stuck on the edge for unknown reason, he said he glitched there and cannot get up or down


Have you been able to replicate this? Knowing the exact location would really help.


no, but it happened when he down on the edge, then revived by a teammate and he just stuck there. I remember it is the cliff in the south east entrance of the cave where posionus wildlife located


Ok. If you can replicate it and get a picture, that would really help. It’s practically impossible to know exactly where unless we get one.


I get you the location, the cliff I am pointing at


Thank you. I messaged the proper people so hopefully this will get logged. If you can, it would be highly appreciated if you could find a way to get a replication. Maybe get a few friends together and see if it still happens.


Thanks @Shunty for helping out!
A repro of this would be wonderfullllll. It’s really hard to fix an issue like this if we can’t see a repro and/or unable to repro internally.