"Weather Control: Overpowered" Feedback thread


Lets all share our opinions and whatnots on the new map Variant 'Weather Control: Overpowered.'
Hopefully this will give some feedback that will help out balance stuff up and make things more fun.

OP might be too OP
I'm not playing Evolve until OP map gets changed
I'm not playing Evolve until OP map gets changed

It is perfectly fine in current state.
There are not even the lag issues that were in cataclysm.
And It is less rng.

10/10 map


Oh my gosh this map is fun as hell to play on. :smiley:

Balance 4/10

  • Sadly it is blatantly hunter favored, with the perk stacking. The power a hunter set can have together is horrifying when compared to what monsters can get.
  • perks take too long to spawn, monsters might only get one or two spawned and eaten while the hunters would already have a full set.

Performance 6/10

  • saturation and bloom is a bit high but performance is good


monsters can stack the buffs too,it also feeds them.


5 stacks will never amount (at least at the current numbers) to the powerful combination that hunters can get with 20.

Had a game where Qaira + Torvald got the offensive buffs, while everyone else ran DR. :frowning:


Well there is also difference in getting 10%dmg buff to 600 dmg and getting 10% dmg buff to 20dmg

it balances out perfectly . 10/10 perfect patch with perfect balance

8/10 would get 1000 challenges completed at once again


Maps cool hunter favored like Azmi said played gorgon ad couldn’t get any breathing room what so ever. But maybe ill just need time to adjust?


with gorgon take the dot buffs and melt faces. gorgon op on this map.


Yeah I suppose but I just couldn’t armor up after the 1st fight. Maybe ill consider armor regen.


Take them down at stage 1 before they get buffs. Take 3 damage buffs and your golden.


I can play custom game with you and teach you how to traversal properly.
It is hard with gorgon but when you master it u can jump whole maps in second.


Mileys traversals are awesoem :slight_smile:


Yeah gorgon I’m just learning gorgon I’ve always just played goliath ill get it on day thx for advice ill keep playing and try different things but i know the traversal gets you far and i started with brawler and both traversal regen perks but maybe ill need to do something different.


Buffs don’t spawn until their on the ground and I’m not sticking around for that fight.


My suggestion for a goliath build on overpowered: 3 flamebreath 1 charge, 5 offense perks, hunger/DR/DR. Basically on that map, you want a few abilities with short cast times so you can put the hurt on the hunters while staying mobile.

Rush the offense perks and ignore everything else. Including getting food to stage up. You don’t want to be a stage 3 monster and its easy enough to get stage 2.


Yes they do spawn. Seconds before the hunters come off the ship, you should see at least 3. A defence, feed speed and damage buff. If you want me to video record it, I don’t mind.

You need to get downs at stage 1 on overpowered. Once the hunters get their buffs and find you; your going to have serious trouble pinning anyone down. It’s almost like they have infinite jetpack.


I know how to play goliath played him since almost launch.:grin:


I’m suggesting a very specific build for overpowered. Overpowered plays very differently than the other game modes. You don’t want abilities that lock you into a long cast time when you get so much faster ability cooldowns.

But yah, I gotcha. Was dumb, quickly responded without thinking why I would do that.


The buffs give hunters a massive advantage over the monsters. But it’s still fun.


Running simulator monster edition lol. Jk jk but @AscendedOne is right it a whole new hunt.