Weather Control caves for hunters


Now first of all, I love every map in evolve stage 2. I think TRS have done a great job balancing them and making them fair for hunters and monsters but i have two problems with weather control’s caves.

  1. My first complaint is that every time I play weather control i feel like hank can’t be used at all. If the caves are meant to be like that and prevent the orbital then I understand but in my opinion it feels really unfair when playing hank when the monster leads you into the caves preventing you to use it. Also when playing hank I feel the orbital is such a key part of your kit that it should be accessible anywhere and when its not you become a very powerful target for the monster.

I’m not saying that we need to take caves out of weather control or anything like that. I would just like to see some more open area’s in the caves where orbitals can be used.

  1. My second complaint is not a major one but I feel its worth mentioning just because it can be very, toxic towards hunters. Its when a monster is stage 2 and heads into the caves to feed up for stage 3. My problem with this is that when our team goes after the monster and dome it, we find that most monsters will evolve in the dome in the caves and then run to relay which is about 300m for hunters which a monster can get to a lot faster than hunters and win easy. Even after a long game of really working as a team the monster can just lure hunters in then evolve to only run to the relay to get a easy win.

I understand that people will disagree but i would like to know if anyone has experienced this or agrees.


Do not stay and fight the monster in small caves ?

and its easy to lure the monster to open area where you can OS.

OS is arguably the best ability for support, it can be use both as offensive and defensive. AND a good team usually able to use it TWICE during one dome.

so the arena restricted seems to be fair for me, it actually force you to consider where you should be enrage the monster.


I would agree with Poncha. it has the same affect if you would take sonny’s shield drone or bucket’s recharge. if you take those abilities out of them in the dome just because their in the caves that would make it be useless. as they can use in the caves why should it be so restricting for hanks orbital.


I just think the problem is you are forced in to the caves by good monsters or they will just sit in there and feed up. It would be nice if less wildlife perhaps spawned in there so at least eventually it will force them out of that area if you don’t want a dome.


I understand where your coming from but I’ve found playing against monsters at a very high level will mostly stay in the caves and just feed. Luring them out just does not seem to work as they have no reason to fight unless domed and with wildlife just spawning over and over they do not have to leave. If you send a assault into stop them a good monster will just punish.


there are only about 4 - 6 meats in the small caves on weather control. the rest of meats still in rather open area of the big cave.

a good hunter team would just hold the entrances of the small cave area, and the monster either try to get out then get dome or he can stay in there waiting for meat to respawn.


100% Agree I am quite amazed that this issue in caves has not been adressed with all the wide map revisions they did.
It is straightforwardly unfair to just take away a skill due to environment.
I mean Monsters considered the bridge area cancerous and was removed without second thought, same with the famous rock on Wraith trap.
They should just get the drills and make some holes in those weather control caves X-D.

Tbh I am not happy about Distillery’s caves either but at least there is that hole on the right you can work with.
It generally does not feel as such a problem with Distilery anyways we usually get some outdoor part in domes around there.

As far as feeding in caves maybe there could be some new mechanic they could work with like no in-cave meat respawn until the monster is 100 feet away from the caves or something along those lines? Idk haven’t thought of it just thinking out loud here.


I think you need to play vs deanimate when he spends the entire game in the caves and still manages to get to stage 3. deanimate is one of the best goliath players in the game and as me poncha and grizzle all with 2000 plus hours in the game and all on his team we can see no way round this affectively. any good monster can exploit the caves like a hunter team can exploit god domes expect the caves aren’t random


so the best monster beat your team by utilize the caves a few times, and that somehow proves caves need to be a more friendly place to fight for hunters.

but you have no problem with everywhere else besides caves are unfriendly for the monsters to fight.

if you think “hey, this is a good place to dome the monster !” is fair, then “hey, I am gonna stay in this cave until I hit stage 3” is fair.

simply because no reply is in the cave.


Yes, I agree and I am surprised that how did they forget this one while balancing the maps.
There are some more maps like this but at least they are better than this one with little opening at some places.
The caves in its a current state is a very toxic thing, old players at least can do things with their experience in game but new players often fall for this, it is a game over for new players/less experienced players if it is a cave dome due to lack of space to dodge, caves being extremely monster favourable (Places to sneak/meat to eat) and less opening to use hunter abilitiles be it orbital/torvald mortar/tinkerbell etc
If somehow they manage to survive, the monster will just go for relay and destroy it.
My suggestions :- The relay should be moved near caves like in legacy evolve/ increase relay health/ make little opening in cave/ make caves broader giving hunters room for fair fight


I play a lot of monster aswell it needs to be changed I would say that every area in this map is perfectly balanced the relay is good everything just not those caves


and this video is really a bad example for supporting what you said.

When a monster is trying to stay in cave, ideally hunters either chase it to a small space then hold the entrance to cut his food OR leave a gap to chase the monster out of cave.

but your team did neither of those instead you domed him in a horrible position ( I assume you want to dome him before he was able to get in that small cave, and that would be a god dome with all those pillars and no where to hide for the monster ) as a 2000 hours player you should knew your team was fucked up there, the monster is not gonna commit to any real fight here when he can easier dodge your attacks within the dome.

at this point of the round, it was your team that keeps the monster in the cave and you domed him in the cave.

after he stage up and went back to the southern cave, you dome him in the cave again with full armor , the dome position wasnt bad, but surely is not ideal either — it lacks of small pillars and OS cant work there. but you could try dome him a little south the way he was trying to go with open air and similar environment but your team took the chance you think THAT would be good enough position to dome him.

but the monster won the second dome then got away, he got a strike on your support with only 1.5 bar gone.

and the final fight, he downed the trapper as the first target without even lost all his armor, at this point it just shows how much better he was doing than your team for this round and he just got the better of you.

I am not saying I could do better in this round, but as a player that watches the replay, I would say you lost this round cause your team made some bad calls and the monster execute his game plan flawlessly, it had very little to do with the caves.


fine if you can’t be convinced then I’m not going to bother trying everyone else in the chat agrees with what poncha said so it obviously a lot of other people think this is an issue


:confused: cavesOPpleaseNerf :confused: ? really? really really?


notice in the video that he will always be back in the cave as soon as the dome is ready so we never have an opportunity to dome outside as he will never leave those caves we have had games where we wait near the edge of the caves and he just gets to stage 3 even when the assault is poking away at him


100% agree with everything in OP ,caves are also torvald-problem

especially the ‘house’ or what it is at corner of map where it is really hard to fight monster and 99% players evolve+fight there.



I dont see this, your team never try to force him out of cave when the dome is ready but instead you domed him in the cave the first chance you got.


All is want is more places where Hank can use his orbital in caves, Torvald can use mortars and when the hunters fight a stage 3 down there and win the fight it can’t cheese relay and get a easy win


Oh no I am easily convinced with reasons, but I just dont see them here.

if you are okay with the advantages that hunters have outside of the caves, you should be also agreed with the disadvantages inside of caves for hunters is fair.

if you think cave is unfair to hunters, then you should agreed with most of the environments outside of the caves are not fair for the monster.