Weather and environment?


We’ve seen in a few clips that it rains in a match. Now is this weather dynamic and ever changing? Or does each match have a ‘set’ weather pattern?


I think i read it somwhere that the weather is dynamic but not 100% sure.
@SlabOMeat can confirmed this :stuck_out_tongue:


Also @SlabOMeat, if you reply, could you explain the effects the weather has on a map? Such as washing footprints away, making things harder to see etc. I remember hearing somewhere that the rain might happen deliberately to help one side escape. Is that accurate?


Thank you Plaff


The weather is dynamic, but it doesn’t pick sides, it’s completely random. It also works much like you’d expect in its impact on the map and gameplay. I definitely have a much harder time detecting movement across distances with a bunch of rain in the way.


Makes sense. If it’s raining, it really takes away from your peripheral vision’s ability to detect movement seeing how there is movement everywhere along with it straight up reducing visibility


Well since this is an alien planet, I wonder if there might be any kind of “hostile” weather. Like a blizzard is something you can just be out in if it’s severe, maybe some maps will have crazy weather.


If they do a snow based map at night I could see them doing a blizzard


Well, there has been official concept art of an ice cave, so this isn’t too far from being a possibility


Where did you find that concept art, @Plaff?


It’s in the official UK Playstation magazine. If you didn’t know already, Evolve made the front page


When it rains does it wash the footprints away of the monster? Now that would be awesome :smile:


I think i hear somewhere it will wash it away


I’m fairly confident it does. I’ve heard it somewhere in an interview on YouTube that the footprints vanish a lot faster


That’s great then. Thanks for the responses.


We could even imagine some floods ?..
The perfect way to having the Tyran really participate to his own hunt ^^


I would love if the maps could flood and the tyrants came further up out of the pool, that’d be so cool.


Especially considering this could be totally random !..

«Oh no, it’s starting raining…! But for how long ?»
«Long enough to let me chomp you, I hope…» (Tyran’s thought, if he could)


Waist deep water with monsters lurking below the surface???



Who buys magazines now days? That’s old school :stuck_out_tongue:

Its like XXX, its all on-line :wink: