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Very often while playing hunters I really miss the ability to swap weapons with a single button. I play on PS4 so primary weapon in under triangle and secondary weapon/gadget under circle. In my opinion it would be really usefull (easier and perhaps quicker) if I could swap between the two simply by pressing circle rather than having to press the corresponding button.


Each hunter though, except Maggy has 4 tools that are linked to the buttons. I’m also on ps4 and have never had an issue with the button settings–just think about if they did what you suggested. It would take longer to get to that weapon or tool rather than just push a single button. Not sure what you’re having issues with because it’s not that difficult.


On PC they could add scrolling to switch weapons.


You can…

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Just another proof I still haven’t played my PC copy of the game :stuck_out_tongue:


I do it all the time with Parnell, Lennox, Markov, Cabot, Maggie, abe (really helps in cycling, shotgun, slow, track, repeat) Caira, Val, Hank, and Bucket.
It makes your play so much more efficient.


This was actually the original design, however after extensive testing we found that having each weapon on its own button was preferable to having a weapon swap button. For instance, You’re using your secondary weapon and then switch to your tertiary weapon (L1/Left Bumper weapon), and then want to switch to your primary weapon, with the single button method you’d press the weapon swap button and go back to your secondary and then have to press it again to get to your primary weapon.

That’s just one of the reasons we went with the separate buttons for each weapon.


It’s funny how one can be misunderstood sometimes :slight_smile: My idea isn’t to have a single button to swap between all four weapons/abilities in any given order. I really like separate buttons for each of these. Using bumpers for choosing left/right ability is great. However at the same time I would like to have button, say circle, which would allow me to swap but only between primary and secondary weapons. So to make it perfectly clear with Markov as an example. I have a lightning gun under triangle and assault rifle under circle and I would like to be able to swap just between these two using circle.

And just in order to make everyone happy, when choosing whichever pad layout you like, you would get a choice if there will be swap button active or not.

Another idea is that each button could be activated to swap weapons abilities but only to such an extent that it would swap between currently chosen weapon and your previous one. So sticking with Markov imagine you are using LG, then you hit LB to switch to mines and then if you hit LB again you would swap back to LG. This way you could return to LG without removing your thumb from right analog stick.


Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear. I understood that’s what you meant, and that is how it used to work.


A “switch to previous weapon” button is probably what you’re after


Gears of War Judgment did this and I hated it with a passion.

I’ll admit, when I first played Evolve I thought that the button layout was wonky. After playing for a while I really enjoy it’s setup.


Thanks for all the replies. I can see how people can have different opinions of this feature which is why it should be optional.

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For sure. I am never against something like this being an option. I like choices.


Sorry fory bringing this up again, but I thought two words of comment were in order.

  1. @MajorLeeHyper you wrote

Actually you wouldn’t need to press any button twice. In the scenario that you mentioned, you could still use triangle to switch to primary just like you do it now. I do not suggest changing the existing layout in any other way then adding a possibility for some buttons to have additional function of switching back to last weapon/gadget used. So in order to switch between primary and secondary you could press wither triangle/circle/triangle or triangle/circle/circle.

  1. @Alc I guess you nailed what I’m actually after. Not a separate button though, but an additional function for already used button(s).