Weapon Switch Bug on XBOX ONE

I found a bug after the most recent patch. I do not know if this has been covered or not. When you use a weapon and then quickly switch to another weapon, the game only shows the zoomed in sights and not the gun. It looks similar to how the old Ghost Recon games looked. This happens often when I use Val because I will shoot a monster with the sniper then quickly switch to the tranquilizer and I will be zoomed in and able to fire but the tranq gun will not be visible. It may be caused by holding down the “L” button while switching weapons. To get the aim down the sights back I simply let go of L and hold it again. The Bug is a pain because you cannot tell if you are hitting the target and the sights are difficult to aim without the weapon as a point of reference.

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I’ve had this happen to me too. Happens all the time to me. I have some videos so I’ll link those in a bit. :wink:

Edit: As promised here is a video I took of this bug.


I thought I had more than 1 video but apparently I don’t. :smile:

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Happens to me all the time with Val as well.

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