Weapon Skins


Now before the bickering begins what i mean is the art of the weapon. Maybe implement when you reach mastery of weapons you unlock a skin for the gun not changing it completely but changing colors. Why not even make it a dlc?


This actually happens! There is a gamestop preorder skin pack, and it has been confirmed that some can be unlocked as you level up.

The preorder skins are below:




I’m all for customization stuff like this. Why not? Free or paid, doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t change the balance of the game, and it lets people have some fun. Win-win!


Thats exactly how i feel about camos or skins. I love deep customization i can have fun with.


That is the important part right there! Digital hats should not give you +10 uberness, just +10 style points. :smiley:


As long as im hunting with my friends in style i will be happy! :wink:


I love stuff like this because I could not care less about it and the thousands of people that are willing to pay an extra dollar or two for it just fuel the developer to make more content.


Hopefully it doesn’t just make the developer make more and more skins and less of other content if it sells better.


Al ready preordered at Best Buy around E3. I’m not that exited because when are you going to stop and admire your weapon. As long as it acts the same I’m fine.


True, but I’m not to worried after hearing the multitude of things they’ve said about vision and development over the last few months


I want a Pimped Hunters Hat now… :frowning:


WE are waiting to hear about the alpha. Lol


my thoughts exactly show him the pre-order skins


Do we know if this pre-order at Gamestop also includes the Savage Goliath Skin?


I believe that every pre-order has the Savage Goliath skin, and the 4th monster.


It does. Gamestop gives the gun skins and monster pack (goliath skin+4th monster)

The only other add on from DLC is from amazon, which unlocks hunters faster. As I see it, gamestop has the best deal, as you get stuff not already unlockable in game.


Completely agree, thanks for the information. Now I know where to pre-order from.


I hope we’ll be able to purchase those weapon skins later on!


I’ve never bought a game from Gamestop for PC, can you activate it on Steam?