Weapon Skin redundancy in the store is a bit of a ripoff


Go to the store.
For 900 keys or so you can buy Caira’s Phoenix Weapon Skin.
For an additional 900 keys you can buy Quantum Caira’s Weapon Skin…which looks exactly the same…

I think it’s really hard to justify selling two separate items when they look exactly the same. I can understand when the reworking of a character doesn’t change weapon models (though to be honest, they totally should). But if that’s the case, I think they should be considered as owned if you bought the same skin for the original character. Or something similar.

I had previously bought (paying real money, mind you) Caira’s Phoenix Weapon Skin and I just noticed this. I think it merits a degree of rethinking.


I don’t disagree with this. Hopefully a devs sees this.


Well that and normal Caira’s phoenix skin got a price increase a week ago or is it just me? But sure it would be nice to not have the buy the same skin multiple times - Like for instance when all the British skins come out whenever as every character has one almost.


I couldn’t see the price of the regular Caira’s skin because I own it. This makes it worst.

I’d like to check if there’s any hunter adaptation which has a different weapon model than the original. I have the impression that this happens with Electro Griffin but maybe it’s not the case.

Can we summon any dev or CM to shed some light on the issue? @LadieAuPair


here is a collection of most of the variants and their guns, some with skins on to show that they are sometimes sllllllightly different not that it matters much.

Griff Gun 1


Griff Gun 2


Griff -Gun- 3


Markov Gun 1


Markov Gun 2


Markov -Gun- 3


Hank Gun 1


Hank -Gun- 2


Hank -Gun- 3


Maggie Gun 1


Maggie Gun 2



Hard to tell when you stand on places with different level of lighting.


all this content is free money wise, so not really sure how hours of fun is a ripoff.


I disagree, they are intended to be two different characters, each with their own abilities and skins.
Even if the skins are the same, there are reasons why they might make one more expensive than the other, like a new hunter will have more expensive skins, or one is a lot more popular…


They should change the color of the one for Quantum Caira into more of a blue flame (like Meteor Goliath).


Because the mild lighting difference would hide whether or not the gun model is different? which is what I was replying to for the OP.


On legacy if you bought a weapon skin you had it for original and variant. I have noticed this change as well maybe @snowkissed can shed that light and to add for founders we get to keep these skins for both right?


Hi everyone!

So Founders get the skin for a variant if they purchased/owned the original in Legacy. We have realized that that setup is missing in our backend, so we’re going to run through our stuff and fix that up. I’ll update this thread when that’s done.

Non-Founders have to buy them separately.


The point of the OP is that it’s unclear to tell which skins go to what character. In other words, it’s hard to tell if you are buying regular Caira weapon skin or a Quira weapon skin.


Can you try and push UI team to make the store more clear?

My idea was to have each skin be under a character tab.

For example, I click on Griffin and I get a list of Griffin skins, but if I click on E-Griff I get the list of E-Grffs skins.

This way you can buy skins based off of a character you want, instead of having every weapon/skin listed in 1 UI in the store, like if I wanted to buy a Hyde skin I could go to the Hyde tab of the store.

(Could you also tell them to add a perk tab in the store UI too?)


You can buy skins in character select, so you could grab the character you want, then buy them through there.

We don’t push people! That’s just mean :grimacing:

We do have plans to redo the whole store, but that’s going to be a lot of work, so right now the team is focusing on the “easier” wins.


I forgot about this feature, but pushing people to find certain character-related skins in a 2 minute lobby makes it unreasonable to have a more specific store where they don’t feel pressured.

Same reason applies to perks. Add a non-pressure option to buy perks. I’ve wasted many keys because I was pressured into buying perks due to the 2 minute lobby.

You don’t need push UI, just give them a cake or cookie to brainstorm and work on solutions. :cookie: :cake: :cupcake:


Did you see my screengrab? We are adding the ability to buy perks in the profile next patch…


I did. I was just adding a little detail. No need to worry :wink:

I’m also hungry and need food.


haha, ok. Just want to make sure! :dancer:

We totally hear you on the character select having too much pressure on the time front, so we’re working on making it more accessible outside of that flow. The store has been something we’ve been wanting to redo, which is why we’ve been adding options to buy outside of it as a workaround.


Hi folks! This should be all good to go; could someone with the issue please confirm? :slight_smile: