Weapon idea. I know. Not another one

Apologies for the unoriginal post but I just had an idea for a viable and workable weapon (I reckon in my completely non-existent technical knowledge of viability and game mechanics) but…

I don’t know what class it would suit. most likely assault though.

Think of griffins harpoon. but instead of holding onto the monster once lanced, It’s more of a grappling hook and drags you towards the monster.

Here’s the damage part.

When your flying towards the monster you’ve taken a sticky bomb out of your pocket and when you hit the monster the character plants the bomb right on the monster

As it’s a bomb it needs to be powerful

As it’s like the harpoon gun, it has a slow reload and kind of hard to hit (I find I miss a fair few of griffins harpoons :blush: )

Potentially it could grapple you along like batman as well…

Again, apologies for my potentially pointless suggestion that will no doubt never be made. I just had to write it down

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I posted this same idea minus the grenade like 4 weeks ago and everyone ate me alive, get out while you can

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I’ve seen the grapple idea at least a million times now. It’s nothing personal, I just find it interesting how everyone’s minds seem to run along the same track :stuck_out_tongue:

How I see that ending
It would make sense for it to sling shot the trapper to the monsters location to dome it but I don’t think the bomb is necessary

Clutch MLG 360 grappleshot crossmap dome sahpro yeeaaaaaaaaaah.

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Morphic field theory I beleive its called.

dual katanas: assault
spammable mortal laser (low consistent damage):support or assault
spammable elemental grenades(fire burns, ice slows, poison, DoT): support or trapper
Chains: 3 chains whip monster from long ranges each successful hit leads to 1 chain that sticks to monster like griffens harpoon (max 1 chain impaled) trapper support or assault

I kept watching that gif for like 5 minutes.

I enjoy the particularly large smile it has at the end

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