Weapon & Equipment ideas for future hunters...?



1-A gun with a heart beat sensor attached to the side rail of the gun that you pull up to detect the monster via a heart beat pulse or instead of it being on the gun it could be a gadget you pull up like in the Alien games

2-A spike camera that would be similar to the griffin sound spikes but these 1s you would only have 2 and once the monster goes next to it every 1 or just the trapper gets a little square box in the top of screen of the monster in the camera location

3-Drug Tranq dart (similar to Val) that you can fire at 2 wildlife creatures (preferably the megamouths/tyrants/sloths) every 8mins,and once the monster consumes it he will lose HP over time that will last for 1min that will lose the monster 1.5 bars of health in total


1-Leach gun (simlar to Laz sniper) creates spots on the monster that do small damage but when your team mates hit those spots they recoup some health

2-Bubble force field that lasts for 8s and once deployed every 1 within the bubble will be immune from monster attacks,restoring small health too but you can’t fire at the monster within this bubble.It would have a big cool-down time to balance it

3-Self destruct,now if your close to killing the monster and you see the Assault nearly dieing same for the Support/trapper you could do a tactical self destruct that would kill you outright but would give all your team mates some health back or full health to maybe just 1 hunter of choice.


1-Decoy system gun,that you create a hologram of your support hunter that distracts the monster for 8s and you would go invisible for 4s once activated. (similar to the Wraith’s decoy but this wouldn’t do any damage to the monster) It would be good for get away’s or to distract a targeted hunter like medic/trapper

2-Portable turret system (can deploy just the 1 and this hunter would be like Bucket/Cabot an offensive Support) that once deployed can target wildlife/monster in a 360 degree arc that emits deadly rounds

3-Iron Flesh mode (for defensive Supports who like to keep alive longer) once activated your speed would be reduced but you are immune to considerable damage for a set amount of time similar to the shield of Assault but you would recieve damage albeit a very tiny amount and you wouldn’t be knocked back much from monster attacks


1-Akimbo LMG’s that has toggle modes 1-with high caliber bullets (effect just HP) 2-with homing missiles (effect just Armour but do more damage) 3-Plasma rounds (effect HP and Armour at the same time)

2-Berserker mode that would make you immune to damage and do crazy damage for a small period of time(Not sure what weapon would be in play with this ability) any hunters nearby would get a small damage buff.It would have to have a bigger cool-down period than Parnell’s SS to balance it out

3-M1919 machine gun that increases fire rate/damage values the longer you hold down the trigger (damage values would change depending how long you’ve holded the trigger down) but increase’s the recoil going for maximum damage( would be better up close to hold down trigger to maximise the damage output)

What idea’s have everyone got…


I really like the heart beat sensor gun thing, the bubble idea but if say depoyable heal bubbles that aren’t immune to monster attacks but Hunters can also shot from them, and decoy/hologram emitter would be awesome. Those ideas i really like and the cameras. The faster during gun over tome is neat.

Some stuff is redundent though. You basically have a super soldier ability, tranq dart, portable turrets, and dual wielding guns are already in use.

i think a support beam that was invisible and made its target invisible would be cool but to make it “balenced” it would make the support glow brightly or something so its a way to make the monster change focus in battle. as far as a damagingg support weapon maybe it could be like an energy grenade or something whether its proximidy or otherwise idk (shrug). For medic a deployable heal station(s), maybe like an uzi lol, and something that they can use that while targeting a hunter that hunter heals for a percentage of damage dealt?

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Thanks dude,yeah i know some of the ideas probably wasn’t the best lol.

I really want a new hunter soon or adaptation hunter because I get bored quiet quickly playing the same old classes.


i know what you mean, ive taken to playing customs when i can if i get a group of 5 or 6 so that way we can all switch up roles, play to win but still have fun, and to try new or not used often comps




AOE offensive buff

Hunters must be within 20m range of Support

10 second duration

30 second cooldown

+30% Accuracy, Fire Rate and Range (extends range of equipment that is not bullet-based such as Medgun, Lightning Gun, Flamethrower, etc).


Short-Range group teleport.

Whichever direction the Support moves that’s where blink will go when activated. Will not go through objects unless it’s less than 20m in thickness, if you blink towards a climbable cliff you will appear at the on top of the cliff, otherwise you appear at the bottom, next to a wall indicating your blink failed or is wasted.

Hunters must be within 10m distance of Support to be teleported. The initial start and arrival of the teleport will make a flash effect to show where the occupants are to everyone (including the monster). Using Blink while cloaked will break the invisibility with the same duration as if you fired a weapon.

0.5 second cast time.

25m teleport distance

3 uses when fully charged, 10 second cooldown per charge.

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This just sounds awesome to me. It is different enough to change up the game play for both hunters and monster


You know what would be awesome if the TRS Devs let the community decide on 1 hunter that we all design collectively


Idk how that would work but i could see like maybe a trade places teleport. Really long cool down but it allows the support and a targeted player would switch places. Maybe a range limit? But it could effectively make the trapper be able to be in 2 places at once. I guess it sounds a bit OP but cool non the less


Really cool idea!


I just want a trapper that rides a canyon strider, that’s all


Ha lol! Yeah if only…