Weakspots - Are they too weak?


I tend to play Assault as Parnell most of the time, and weak spots never seem to have much impact for me.

Parnell benefits more from them than any other Assault, but often me and the Medic aren’t on the same side of the Monster and I have difficulty hitting them.

There are exceptions to this, but I feel that some small multiplier on all damage on headshot would be a good way to buff them.

In Parnell heaven the Monster would always be staring at me without knocking me back so that I could get consistent headshot damage on a weakpoint, but that isn’t realistic.


a single val headshot on a monster takes roughly half a bar of armor. shot that twice and thats a full bar of armor from val alone.

Laz’ do less damage but u can hit them more. vals do way more imo when u hit them i see shreds of hp/armor coming off. parnell does it well. your val needs to work on landing the shots where u can hit them.


Ah, I wasn’t thinking of their actual direct damage.

Honestly as Parnell I’d much rather have a safely positioned Medic than useful weak spots - unless its Stage 1, perhaps.


as parnell if buffs arent applied i feel like im not doing enough damage. markovs mines do a shit ton instantly and the lightning gun is steady. parnell needs help in order to put out the dps.

  1. his rockets do 10x more damage than his shotty imo (visually 10x. not literally)

  2. he needs good aim to get good daamge out. shooting the tail will not do it.

3)everyone has calculated how to get the highest multiplier. at that point yes parnell is ridiculous.

I personally think if the medic cannot put markers on. theres no point in playing parnell. with cabot markovs mines become nukes. hyde burn becomes lava. markers are not needed at that point with cabot. but parnell with cabot/val? tell val to shoot less tranqs and more shots and watch the beauty of monster melting.


Super Soldier Shotgun is crazy damage if you can stick close to the Monster.

The Rocket Launcher is far less hard hitting in terms of DPS, but it is probably the best Assault long-ranged sidearm.

I run Swap Speed on Parnell to cycle between weapons and not lose damage potential while reloading - also helps with using the right weapon for the situation.

Generally if you are shooting so that most of the Shotgun pellets hit you are doing good damage on Parnell, though a head is nice.

Rockets are more forgiving with aim since they can splash a bit.

Parnell is an aggressive Assault, Markov is a defensive one. Hyde is trash right now.

Mines are amazing, but not always reliable: especially when the Monster is on the defensive.

Parnell is the more consistent of the two in terms of damage output in my opinion.


I no that some people on here did a side by side damage comparison. but that was on the press release build and hyde has gotten a buff since them. i think they should redo it cuz I feel like if hyde can stay on the monster he does more damage than parnell without any assistance + no headshots.

@maddcow who made that comparison video maybe we can ask him to do a new one.


I feel that weakpoints are severely underrated. Burst damage is king in games like these. Weakpoints help with burst. My biggest issue is that Val’s weakpoints feel inferior to Laz. Val’s do +1.0x and Laz does +0.5x but the duration on Val’s over Laz is only 5 seconds more. I feel that there should be some better compromise. While Val is loads better as medic, imo, than Laz I feel her weakpoints need something. Either a slightly 10-33% reload speed for her sniper rifle, or a slight duration increase would help I think. I’ve also thought how her sniper rifle could pierce through walls like Cabot rail gun. However, not sure how they would work without lots of testing.


I’ve tried to hit the weakspots with Val herself, and they don’t seem to grant extra damage with her sniper rifle.

As with Parnell - it usually comes down to a Benny Hill chase to get a decent pattern on the monster for me. And there seems to be an odd fire delay on weapon switch or after activating Supersoldier. Don’t know why that is.


I’m not too sure. That being said, I might do one myself. I feel there were a lot of things they could improve upon. For instance, attacking the back of Kraken yields a WAY different damage scope than the front due to large head and multiple limps from behind. Kraken’s side is worst to shoot at then Goliath’s for the same reasons. You need a front, side and back showcase for all guns and max/med/min ranges. DOn’t get me wrong, useful info, but for instance Hyde is great at monsters running where crits and weakpoints won’t matter as much. However, weakpoints + headshots are still great with the minigun.


The best time to use super soldier is while you are on shotgun and reloading. The super soldier animation takes effect and immediately have your shotgun out. It slightly increases that reload and I feel you get an extra second or so out of it.

As for why it happens sometimes when your gun is reloading in the background from swapping weapons it won’t let you fire. This happens with lots of guns for instance.


I think a radius increase would be amazing on crit points.

Hi again btw.


Key and Cow. Has a ring to it :smiley:


You got any videos recently of close games btw? I’m still looking to cast and I’d love to see higher level play.


Uh…question. How does a shotgun with lead balls do more damage up close than a exploding rocket at the same range? (And lets just say that range is…5 feet)



Hyde is barely doing anything if he can’t get close, and he isn’t impressive enough up close to make it worth it.

I’d consider him a somewhat decent pick if his grenades didn’t slow allies and were far, far better at denying airspace to Krakens that he will rarely get to burn, but even then Mines would be better.

Talking about Hyde always burning the Monster in a gas cloud is like talking about Parnell always hitting the head with a shotgun: it isn’t realistic.


More duration would be nice, but weakpoints still tend to not do much in the chaos of the fight in my experience.


That is weird - it really feels like that should.

As Parnell I tend to spend most of my time chasing the Monster and the rest evading till my shield recharges.

That fire delay happens to me, but it feels quite inconsistent: like a gun jammed for some reason.

Maybe I just swap before the background reload finishes sometimes.


That could be nice.

They are quite hard targets with the Monster constantly running and jumping and turning and sometimes attacking the shooter.


I feel this is absolutely true, especially when the monster is not Goliath. Kraken obviously has no need to trigger a mine if he doesn’t want to, but, a little bit more concerning to me, Wraith has a ton of ways to pop mines without taking damage, too.

That means Markov is going to be able to, tactically, control the monster much more effectively in a fight, but only if it’s a Goliath. Parnell, with his deceptively long-ranged shotgun and rocket launcher, is basically always able to put out his full damage, whether the monster cooperates or not.


yeah i would like to see some as well.

1 shooting at the chest with all 3 (all weapons singled out)

1 shooting at the head with all 3.(all weapons singled out)

1 shooting at a moving animation or maybe a jumping ability using monster (all weapons singled out)

1 where the monster is hitting them (all weapons singled out)

then all of these above with all thier tools combined. this is where parnell gets to super soldier. and markov uses 5 mines.

then that same scenario with cabot damage amp and val markers?


You can check out my ESL tournament wins on my youtube channel. www.youtube.com/user/maddcow. I also have some GREAT monster games against the TRS Devs. They are located towards the end of my Press Release footage playlist. 45 videos in there but the last dozen or so were with some TRS Devs. The ones where I was Hunter were annoying, but my monster games were awesome from both sides imo.


yep. this is why i cant choose hyde in serious games. they need to take this out so bad. otherwise hyde would be fine


Fun fact on damage output. Parnell, despite being least picked for assaults, has more TOTAL damage than the other assaults. As in if throughout every game Hyde and Markov did a total of 1 million damage, give or take a few thousand, each, Parnell with 15% less games was pulling out 1.1 million.

I don’t know the exact numbers at all, that’s just me trying to explain stuff.