Weakpoints and explosives


It has always bothered me, that when (for example) playing Val with Sunny, Sunny does not benefit from the Weakpoints, while Hank does.

What I have in mind is using the inner and outer radius of explosives for the following mechanic:
If the Monster’s hitbox is within the inner radius, the damage is done as usual, when it’s in the outer radius, the damage is reduced as usual.
However, when a weakpoint’s hitbox from Val, Laz or Torvald is within the outer radius, the damage is not reduced.

Overall, I would like to see every character to have at least 1 weapon that can benefit (or apply) weakpoints.

Edit for clarification:


I really don’t think all Hunters should benefit. The whole point of the game is to build the best team possible and if all Hunters benefit from this instead of having some not benefiting from it then there’s nothing stopping people from going Torvald + Sunny + Val and utterly destroying Monsters. The amount of weakpoints and extra damage that explosions would do would be devastating.

TL;DR Vehemently against this.


I think Laz would be even nastier. All those spots all over the Monster, wouldn’t be able to miss with explosives.


Except explosive weapons always deal full damage regardless of where they hit which is a big plus.


Laz + Torvald + Sunny = Death

In all seriousness;

Like Slewey said, they don’t currently have any kind of reduction on the damage for limbs, and even forgive missing up to a point, so why buff them like that?


Explosives are fine as-is. They may not benefit from weakpoints, but they also don’t suffer damage penalties for hitting limbs, and you don’t need to be as accurate with them as you do for ballistic weapons. I think it’s a fair tradeoff.


It’s a thoughtful idea to put all weapons/characters on the same level, but I personally quite like the way they work now. As mentioned above, they have their own benefits that bullet-based guns don’t.

Also, if this affected all explosives, we’d also be talking about Orbital Barrage, Mortars, Parnell’s Rocket Launcher, the GML, and the Replay Cannon getting these damage boosts on top of the respective characters’ weapons that do benefit from weak points. They’d need checks and balances on their base damages to even it out. Then what about Siren Missiles, Plasma Lance, Lightning Gun, and Flamethrower? Where would they sit?

I believe Sunny, Kala, and Caira are the only ones on the subject that don’t have a bullet-based alternative, but in turn Sunny gets two forms of defensive tools and Kala can allow her team to bypass armor. Caira does not really need to hit weak points, it’s far from her intention as a straightforward medic.


Concurring with quite a few other opinions on here- Id personally pass. They dont get the vulnerable spot bonus, but they dont take limb penalty either. Explosions do consistent damage. Im happy with that.

I like having different mechanics. The radius means theyre harder to miss with, and you never have to worry about dealing half damage- so not getting bonus damage is just fine to me.


Except this is just not true. If Sunnys nuke (3 meter inner radius and 7 meters outer radius) detonates within 5 meters of the Monster, it does only half damage. Until 3 meters it deals 100%, at 7 meters it deals 0%. Between that it falls of.

It sounds like some understood that I want them to get a damage bonus by weakspots, but this is NOT the case. I do NOT want a Nuke landing within 3 meters of a Laz’ weakpoint to deal 150% damage. It can never deal more than 100%. But if it lands within 6 meters of a weakpoint it would STILL deal 100%, instead of 25%.

I dont know if siren missiles work as explosives with inner and outer radius or not, I think they do though.
Lenny, Markov and Hyde already have a weapon that benefits from weakpoints, so I would not worry about that too much.

Not more than Val + Parnell + Hank = Death.
If you look at Torvald himself, having his mortars always do 100% damage is very easy to directly counter-nerf him again, so I did not think that mentioning that would be nessesary.


Where are you getting this information from?


I think a Dev posted this once a long time ago in a thread that I forgot about.
Maybe @LordDeath can confirm this:


This clarifies your concept more, thank you. :smiley: But with all the damage nerfs Sunny has required, this would keep her consistently hurting a more mobile (and/or squishy) monster when paired with any weakpoint-producing hunters. I think any damage falloff she experiences is still balanced by the fact she has two defensive tools (three with cloak).

However, I do find your idea much more intriguing now. :slight_smile:

I actually completely forgot about the damage falloff, but Sepia did refresh my memory just now so I decided to look it up. The best I could find in a quick search was this post deep in MacMan’s history from way back when:


The reason I mentioned Torvald is because that would mean BOTH of his offensive items would benefit from the weakpoints, and he can even make them to maximize damage further. Something only Parnell could also say, but he can’t make his own weakpoints like Torvald can. The mortars could take a 20% damage nerf and it wouldn’t matter because the weakpoint multiplier would make up for it over the course of the match, and then some.


That’s nitpicking a small detail, it would be too strong if Sunny’s Nuke did full damage no matter the distance from the point of impact so I’m sure that’s why they added damage fall off for that.

Doesn’t disapprove the fact that explosive weapons do full damage on direct hits regardless of where it connects.