Weakest Stage 1 Monster?


Wraith/Goliath atm have two traversal/movement skills. Where Kraken just has a knock back, and situational CC. I think the level of mobility on a monster dictates its strength lvl 1.


Wraith is quite simply the weakest stage 1 monster. Lowest health, lowest armour potential. Even if it spreads it’s abilities, all it needs to do is get caught in a trap/slow once and it’s going to get a lot of hurt put on it.

But yes, its ability to completely stay out of the hunter’s radar at stage 1 probably means Kraken is the most vulnerable monster at stage 1, but it can certainly hold a fight much better than wraith can, assuming it has picked abilities wisely.


I would say Goliath is the weakest at lvl 1. His health and durablitiy is one of his strengths. So he needs to keep himself safe at least until lvl 2.


Yeah Kraken hands down has some of the highest damage output in the game. He is just an easy target to take down if a hunter team lands a good dome, and sticks on him. At least he has fast sneak/traversal while in the air so he can at least feed fast.


Nah, Goliath has enough health growth each stage that you can usually engage with full armor level one, and have it not matter if you take a little health damage.

His flying isn’t a sneak, it leaves amazingly bright trails. And he’s slower than Goliath/Kraken. (traversal wise)


Yeah, but you won’t deal a lot of damage to a skilled hunter team with just one lvl3 skill, not to say with 3 lvl1 skills. When Kraken can deal some damage with Lightning Strike lvl3 or keep hunters at bay with Vortex and just wait for the dome to drop.


A goliath, especially with charge and leap-smash, with full armour at stage 1 can be extremely hard to keep tracked and focused on for long enough between all the knockbacks to do more than marginal health damage before he’s out of the dome. Don’t underestimate the Goliath’s ability to hit and run!


Ohh I noticed I worded that extremely poorly. Kraken has fast vertical mobility, but lacks in horizontal/parabolic mobility. It’s fine though because Kraken Stage 2 is one of the strongest monsters in the game.


It doesn’t matter, I’m talking about survival in a dome. Out of 3 monsters, Goliath has the worst survivability in a dome on lvl 1. Kraken can Vortex hunters away, Wraith can Decoy and hide behind a rock while she’s on cooldown. Goliath can just jump and charge until he hit mines or traps.


I’d say even going straight up, it’s still the slowest. It’s “jump” isn’t very high, goliath and wraith can aim their traversals straight up to go much higher, much faster. The only situation Kraken might be faster, is across the gap on the Hydro dam level.


This is situational because I doubt it’d be possible without that buff.


Now I know I’m referring to the Beta now, but back then I had an easier time engaging with a stage 1 wraith than I had engaging with a stage 1 goliath. IMO Goliath is the weakest… But then I look back at the TRS vs 2K stream where brandon just obliterates the 2K team as a stage 1 goliath… that was brutal!

Still gotta go with Wraith though.


Dude, 2K are such noobs.


Goliath has 5 traversals, he’s always going to be the fastest. Wraith can decoy for 5 seconds, but then it’s on cooldown for a good while. And if her traversals are down, Abe stasis/tranqs keep her locked down hard. Same with Kraken. But goliath can still charge/leap smash until his jump is back up. I’ve kited in dome for ages with him. Especially if there’s a lot of verticals in the dome, because he can just jump back and forth across them all day.

The only problem is that Wraith has next to no armor. A good dome at level one is guaranteed health damage, and unlike Goliath/Wraith, she doesn’t really have enough health growth per stage to make up any lost ground, unless you get a Lazarus strike, that is worth any cost.


Kraken, least mobility, game over.


Well it depends on the dome area, yes.


Yeah Kraken just has situational mobility. He can climb certain areas much faster if it isn’t straight wall. He’s meant to be extremely weak stage 1 though. If he was given a free stage 2 (like in the Alpha) it’d be gg every game.


Not if you make sure that there are wildlife in the area before you let yourself get domed. The wraith has a way easier time getting dome snacks than Goliath or Kraken. I always engaged stage 1 when playing wraith and I rarely ever took any damage to my health.


Same, I was 10th Wraith when Beta closed. :slight_smile: But they’ve nerfed her decoy cooldown for the release version. And a good team ~level 30ish will fan out inside the dome so most of the time you’ll only get a bar or two, if any.


Goliath at Stage 1 can definitely hold a fight if necessary (if he has full armor at the start of a fight).
A rank 2/3 Leap/Flame Breath can do some decent damage (the latter requires more concentration to be effective) to hunters, and Goliath can probably get a strike on someone. So…in that regard he isn’t weak.

Wraith, I don’t know how I currently feel about her. We’ll see in the first few days how her balance works out, I just don’t feel fair comparing her unbalanced Beta model with the others. The current Decoy nerfs are a step to making her a lot less overpowered, but I still feel like the ability may still be used as an escape route by some.

Kraken does seem kind of flimsy at Stage 1; slower traversal movement and no abilities that allow him to move around or juke the hunters. So yeah.