Weaker Strikes but Stronger Stage 3


I think it is safe to assume, that a majority of people want Stage 3 to be scary and powerful.
What I think is one of the main reasons why it can not be much stronger, is because Hunters with 1 or 2 strikes dont survive that long.
I think we can get a stronger Stage 3 when Strikes are less punishing. Nothing too much, I think something like 17-18% (17.5 for example) would be worth a try, instead of the current 20%.


Laz would be even less useful.

I guess that’s the price. It probably make monsters even stronger in pubs but it be better at high level, though.


I agree, but I don’t think as much as you might do. Laz’s niche shouldn’t really be reviving without strikes, but threatening it, just like an Orbital is not for damaging but for the threat of damage. A revive should rarely happen but the monster should be forced to camp a body longer and take significantly more health damage.


I disagree, I think you can pull of plenty off punish when someone dies on a Laz team. However, I think medics should have more durable corpses so that when a medic goes down, a team can potentially keep fighting. In addition to that, I don’t think a medic’s team healing while downed should be as terrible as it is.


Stage 3 is already strong, only terrain issues get in the way.


TBH as a Lazarus Main I would still support this idea only if Laz would get the self-regen of RVal . And after the heal burst a small self-regen for teammates.


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