Weaker but more versatile perks


I just took a look at the Monster perks and … holy shit. You can stack up to more than 30% damage reduction or 50% movementspeed. What even is this?
I fully understand that there is a need for Monster perks to be stronger than Hunter perks, but this? It’s just ridiculous, I’m sorry.

Then I look at perks like the Hunger perks or the Brawlers. 2 or 3 stats increased by a little bit. Overall a big impact too, but nothing too ridiculous. It seems fair as you oppenents get a total of 12 perks.

So my suggestion is this: Every perk on the Monster’s side should have 2 or 3 effects, but the effects overall should not be too strong.

Having 95% armor regen and 17% damage reduction and another perk is ok (though I’d like 100% and 16% better), but 36% damage reduction is not ok.
Having 117% faster feeding and 18% faster movementspeed and another perk is ok (though it could be higher to match the hunters movementspeed), but having 52% faster movement speed is not ok.

Some of these perks could simply be replaced by a third one for each perk family. Other than that some new combinations like CDR + Traversal regen or something like that should be added.
Also, how about some direct damage here and there? Like 2% on bronze, 3% on silver and 5% on gold, added to another perk.


I actually hate the perk system because it rewards grinding over skill.

All perks should be “side-grades” that provide a focused benefit for a focused cost. This would allow people to truly customize their monster towards their playstyle.


Two points.

There are some stats that just aren’t…good. Armor regen, for example, is actually incredibly shit. By that same token, there are some stats where you only want a minor increase in the first place, and stacking two or even three is absolutely pointless (feeding speed comes to mind).

Anyways, damage increase perks for monster would simply be the only thing taken if they were actually any good.


It’s a good “pubstomp” perk.
Against a team that’s struggling when it comes to throwing good domes and/or spreading out such that there will always be at least 1 Hunter with LoS to the Monster, it’s easy to traverse behind a rock for 2-3 seconds and have practically half your armor restored.
The regen speed is insane.


Sometimes when playing against Gorgon (not in a good team though) when she uses Mimic and everyone shoots at it, you look at the armor bar and ask yourself: Where did these 5 bars come from?


You…do realize that Channeling Armor in dome is already a mechanic, right?

I mean, it’s incredibly minor due to the fact that it takes forever to activate and has far too many conditions, but it does exist.


You know that channeling armor is even more increased by the armor regen perks, right?


In case you hadn’t noticed, I already called channeling armor out as pretty shit due to the delay and activation conditions.

So yeah, armor regen will speed it up. But it’s already pretty fast. The actual problem is that it’s nearly impossible to pull off with any consistency.


I have said it in other threads,and im ready for flame.

Monster perks are too much.You can have too high percentages on different things.36% DR is just unacceptable for example.The hunters cannot counter this even if they all go full DI,which they should

The usual response is “but they are 4 vs 1 !”

Yes that doesnt mean it has to have a 4 times stronger perk.Because perks are percent based not flat.And since the base values of monsters are made to be balanced against hunters,an equal percentage increase will also be

If they need to,buff some monster areas so they can be viable without cookie cutter builds.And then nerf their perks


Strongly disagree. I like that I can choose to go full movement speed or damage reduction or armor regen or I can go for a mix of the two.

I would consider this a straight up nerf and would demand that Hunter’s get the same treatment.

Then I would just be really pissed because I like the concept as a whole for both sides.


Like having Monster DR peak at 16% just like Hunter DI?
16% or whatever is enough. 34% is insane.
And the same treatment? So all Hunter perks would have additional effects, making the already more versatile Hunters even more versatile, making it even harder for the Monster to balance it out with his perks.

Hunters can speed up by 27% and have nothing else themselves, while the other 3 can pick completely different perks.
The Monster should be able to speed up by 27% AND have something else buffed simulateously. But 52% faster movementspeed is just stupid.

For all I care, the Monster could have 4 effects on every perk, just as long as they are not too strong or uncounterable.
Like 3% DI, 3% DR, 5% CDR, 5% MS bronze
5% DI, 5% DR, 8% CDR, 8% MS silver
and 8% DI, 8% DR, 11% CDR, 11% MS gold

stacking to 16% DI, 16% DR, 24% CDR, 24% MS.

But 52% MS? 34% DR? No thank you.


You can stack 65% jetpack recharge on hunters. That doesn’t mean it’s the best setup.


It can get this high? Yeah. Way too much. It puts way too much pressure on perk choice.

I think what should happen instead is an increase to the monsters base stats, with a decrease to perks. Otherwise new monsters suffer a lot and those that don’t know the best perks do as well. Just too punishing.


truth be told

I’d like to see perks disabled, at least for ranked play. I often question the necessity of perks in a competitive game - or again, in the competitive mode of a game.

Certain characters are arguably only viable with one or MAYBE two perk choices.wjat about for the guy who doesn’t have those perks? Or doesn’t have them at max level? Or simply wants to use something else?

What we have are characters with difficult balance to understand due to how strong they are, or how weak they are, based almost purely on perk choice. Of course the thunder child can now filter for these things but we don’t all have access tot he thunder child either.

Then there’s issues with counter perks. Losing because someone picked a strong perk set simply isn’t a good feeling. Losing because the other side picked a strong counter perk set isn’t a good feeling either.

I don’t mind them for arcade, but I wouldn’t miss them for competitive / high level play either.


I think you forget to factor in the fact that the Monster is taking damage from four separate sources meanwhile Hunters are only ever damaged by one maybe wildlife if they’re stupid.

I like the perk system. I want it to expand with how it is. They already revamped it completely and I really like the way it is now compared to how it was. If I want to prolong my death with 34% DR instead of taking speed buffs or eating speed or anything then let me do what I want to do.

Freedom of strategy is something I like and want to stay. If I want to sacrifice the ability to hit harder in favor of being able to be hit harder then let me.

People that complain how the perk system is now I feel are just crying for the sake of crying. It’s not like anything is adherently overpowered. That’s just my opinion. (except that part about nothing being OP, that’s just an observation)


I strongly disagree, full DR is strong, but you miss out on so many other benifits


What about buffing individual perks and removing perk stacking?

It would allow for more flexible builds and it would also get rid of some toxic builds, like tinkerbelling or full DR on monsters, and it would also make monsters and hunters decide between perk tiers to suit their playstyle better; they would need to sacrifice reload speed for jetpack recharge or capacity, or DR for more moovement speed or CDR. And it would also go along with your idea.

Hunters or monsters should not get such great advantages by using perks; they’re just perks, they’re meant to improve some aspects of the gameplay to suit our playstyles, not to develop toxic strategies or to sacrifice that much either.


75% Jetpack recharge was the default perk in Legacy and not one of the pest tbh. Of course is 65% not the best setup.
But in Legacy you could only have 10% DR and 20% MS. So imagine 255% faster jetpack recharge. That may actually be the best setup.

From which at best only 1 has 16% more damage. The assault deals somewhere around 60% of the teams damage, so with 16% DI on assault and nobody else the Hunters damage only increases by 9.6%, this means even if Assault goes full DI, a 34% DR Monster will only suffer 72.3% of the usual damage.

Besides that, since the Monster is ALWAYS recieving damage, that makes DR much more viable on the Monsters end than on the Hunters end, where it is only useful WHEN they get in the Monsters focus.

If anything, the DR perk of the Monster should be lower than the one of the Hunters, but I will be silent when it peaks at the same value as Hunters DI:

Me too, but the value is just to stupidly high. If DR would stack to 50% would you still defend it? If it would stack to 100% would you still defend it? You gotta draw a line somewhere, and I think that line is the Hunters DI.
I dont understand why you think its a bad thing, if you can stack DR to the same as Hunters DI while also getting another benefit.

I am not complaining about the system itself. I think the system is great and way better than before. What I am complaining about is the values.
Imagine Hunters DI was 34% and Monsters DR 16% and you would complain about that. Do you think it would be justified for me to say you are just crying for the sake of crying?


+1 everyone defending his little piece of meat.
What about those who play both sides and want balance ?


I like the more versatile perks, but I think both hunters and monsters should have the option to go full on with one perk buff or have a variety of stat perk bufffs.

It would also mean more stuff to unlock. :stuck_out_tongue: