Weak point shot


Hi all!
Why don’t Val and Lazarus can take advantage of the weak point shot?
if Val Shot to the monster, the weak point appears, the second shot should add damage if falls in the same spot, and also reset the time the weak shot last.
Lazarus weak point last less but should work the same, if I shoot in the same spot many times, I only see one weak spot meanwhile doing extra damage.

Torvald is the exception I think because the timing between grenades is longer than the time the weak point last. and I can’t remember if does any damage.

Side note.
to weapons that does not use bullets, like flamethrower, electric gun, incendiary gun. should also take advance of the weak point?
I mean, the weak point is an opening under the skin of the monster, heat, electricity or venom (toxic grenade) should do extra damage.


I believe (For Val at least) it does.


We can already kill monsters too fast in my opinion.Giving weakpoints to flamethrower/lighting/etc would be an overkill


Ah that could be fixed with timing and damage.
the weak spot (i believe) work in time and damage. but because weapons like flametrhower, the weak spots could do less damage (1.1x or something) or end weak spot.


Yeah i get what you are saying.What i’m saying tho is that hunters don’t need more damage.The hunters are already doing too much damage to the monster.Leaving the weakspots to only bullets is actually making the assaults to switch from their main weapon in order to play a more risky gameplay with “trusting their aim”

If the main weapon was to do even x1 more damage and not x2 then people would only stick to main weapon.Because the bullet weapons(AR/Minigun) won’t hit always.So bottom line the secondary weapons won’t ever have to be used.


Assault class has a weapon to close and long range, only see Parnell and Torvald take advantage of the weak point if using their primary weapon.
opposite side, Hyde and Markov are better to use the weak point at far using secondary.

putting aside if they are doing enough damage (because teams keep losing and many factors are involve)
all team members should “apply” for extra damage benefits. example: Caira, Sunny, Val, Lazarus and maybe Slim.


WiBaKi plays competitive, trust him when he says the current damage output of hunters is already enough. Perhaps when you play with strangers it is too weak, but that is the fault of your team mates and not the game’s mechanics.


Nah its not because i play competitive or anything.I have said many times that we (the esl players) are nothing more than the average players.There is just communication and nothing else.

But i do have the feeling that monsters(in the current state) take a lot of damage.Besides all the shits monsters get now with those stage 2 domes and hunters being so fast on catching on.

Also there is the thing of what composition you play.
If the composition is Caira/Hank/Magie/Markov for example, then you are not supposed to do big damage anyway.This comp is all about defense.You should need at least 3 to 4 domes for the monster to die.And its pretty logical if you think the defense power this composition have.

But try find a party and play picks like Val/Sunny/Abe or even Griffin/with literally every assault(maybe except Hyde because the minigun is really weak) and you’ll see some serious damage.If the monster doesn’t die at Stage 1 dome then you have done at least half of his HP in damage.
Ofc tho this is a risky composition.If the monster goes to stage 2 your chances of winning are being decreased.But it doesn’t change the fact that with this comp 2 of your teammates can hit the monster for x4 damage(weakpoint on head) while sunny either damaging or making sure Val is safe with jetpack boost.

Anyway i’m against what you’re saying,not because its a bad idea, but only because monsters right now are very underpowered.

Maybe in the future, this idea could get implented as it makes sense.But right now?I think not


Damage multipliers are additive, not multiplicative, so a weakpoint on head is only 3x damage.

Val and Laz hitting their own weakpoints would likely require adjustments to their Base damage, Laz more likely so, but if we are going to be buffing medic damage across the board it would be a good way to do it, but that is for another day when the monster actually needs to die faster.


Yeh exactly this.

Yeah i don’t know how exactly they work i’m just saying what i see :stuck_out_tongue: You know if i hit with the headshot weakpoint i see x4 in the top of the healthbar.But yeah the actuall number might be something else.


I understand what you are saying.
I’m with the Weak Point thing, because of Val (then I just wondering with all other hunters) when she is alone with all other teammates are down or dead. I’ve playing with her and becomes almost impossible to run/fight.
Caira can speed run, Lazarus get invisible, and Slim maybe cloud the monster to avoid contact as much as they can, but Val all that she has is two slow shot/recharging guns and another one that can’t shot to herself.


You’re probably still better off scattering weakpoints around the body (especially with Laz) than making a single one.


with Luck, my aim is not the best, I just tell a very very good sharp-sight day!!!
This Idea happen in a nest game, monster hatch an egg, I was playing as Val alone, other hunters went down or in other egg.
I shot the minion with the dart gun, and then with the sniper BETWEEN THE EYES (literary) , weak point, but without any one to see it or take advance of that, was saaaaaaaaad :sleepy:
Shot again in the head and with only a little line of health the minion got me down. and my little gun of “downess” did nothing to kill the beast! :sob: