We want to translate "The Evolution of Evolve"


Whats up hunters of all ages and monsters of all stages?

Im Laureano Macalango, writer of the brazillian website about games Jogazera. Im making a guide to Evolve completly in brazillian portuguese for the site and one chapter of this guide gonna be about the production of Evolve. Im translating and making subtitles in portuguese of the webserie “The Evolution of Evolve” to put in our Youtube channel and be part of this guide.

Have I the permission to put this online? Or there are the possibility of you make subtitles for those videos?

Thanks for making an awesome game, Turtle Rock! You already have many fans around here! Greetings from Brazil! :smiley:

(Sorry for my bad english)

How do I get those tutorial videos from each class?

Is there anybody in there?


@Damjess would be best to answer this. Let me page her or @Macman and/or @SlabOMeat. Someone should see this now :slight_smile:


Nice! :smiley:

Holding my horses around here xD


2K will need to sign off on it. Hopefully @DamJess or @Chloe can facilitate.


I just got an email from 2K saying it’s cool to translate and subtitle.


Confirmed. Sorry we don’t already have one translated for y’all. Please put the links up on the forums when you’re done so other Brazilian Portuguese speakers can appreciate your hard work as well :slight_smile:


Awesome, looks like you’re ready to go. Thanks for the initiative :slight_smile:


I really cant like Turtle Rock and 2K even more… Thank you so much, guys! :smiley:

And @Chloe! Thats an awesome idea! I’ll come back here when everything is ready. Thank you too, @MaddCow for bringing up the big guys!

Now its time to work, see u soon!


Good luck my friend :slight_smile: