We Want A Monster Roar


Considering this topic has thee most comments from all threads so far (spans 3 threads with the latest being 700+ comments), I figured I’d post another. NOT because I’m being obnoxious, but because more total posts = new users less likely to read through and just skip. I’ve seen others talk about it on YouTube, Twitter,Facebook, Reddit, and of course, this 'ere forum. There’s been polls on it now and the community has spoken:

We need a completely badass roar function…

This game is already balanced so this should be nothing more than a cosmetic feature…That and it causing all wildlife to scatter and scare all bird gatherings in a certain vicinity!

Your a two story fire breathing, thunder shocking, warp blasting MONSTER. Time we start immersing ourself AS one now, eh?

Now I COULD just insert random YouTube vids of lions roaring or Godzilla and whatnot an just leave it to your imagination. But I figured this idea would float better in your mind if you saw the roar naturally from Evolve itself :smirk: ( go to 0:40-0:45 on the sound cloud to hear it)


I don’t know how to how get it to certain vid parts (:sweat:) so just watch Evolve’s launch trailer from 1:08-1:27 for some roars on Goliath and Mr.Kraken (The games soundtrack makes wraith’s roar inaudible so ignore it for now)

Wraith, (albeit, it’d have to be louder when implemented in the game, maybe have it be a loud supernatural shriek?), 1:58-2:01:

So far in terms of limiting it from abuse (Left for Dead, Zoey screams anyone?) the suggestions have been:

-Give it a cooldown (1-1:30 minutes)

-Only initiatable when in “Out of Combat State” mode.

-Cause the roar function to put in a “lock in” state for a duration of 5-10 seconds when initiating roar.

I’m keen on knowing what you think of these suggestions so far folks.

Any thoughts on this fellas?

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Give us a Monster roar
Give us a Monster roar

10/10 would do, But it would require some work with the games state being gold and all, Hell I would get it as a 5$ DLC.

Poll: Taunt vs Roar!

Great idea. Could be a nice method for a monster to attract hunters to a location that they feel that they would like to hunt in. Or just a good to look bad ass after mopping up a chunk of the hunter squad in a brawl.


It’d be nice. Just cut the ending evolve roar for each stage and bind it to a key.


Time for a realistic poll.


I’d 100% buy those for 5 bucks.


lets doooo iiiiit


Taunt needs an insulting component.


Only if it is Nazghul’s roar, then I am in!