We, the community, will try to take over the development of Evolve! Sign up now!

It’s finally here! This is our final, greatest attempt to halt the decline of the game.

I’m organising the formation of a new “dev studio”, comprised of Evolve community members. The objective: to offer our services to 2K to maintain and update Evolve, free of charge, until the point where 2K decides that the game has returned to financial viability. We’ll be doing it part time, concurrent with our other lives, and working pro bono until 2K decides it’s good enough – or bad enough.

This is the plan:

  1. We tell 2K we want to continue developing Evolve. 2K doesn’t have to pay us anything.
  2. If they agree, we learn to tweak Evolve, and slowly gear up for pushing updates.
  3. We start with balance updates, and move on to UI (like more end of round stats), and minor art upgrades, like 'shopping character portraits to show skins in character select.
  4. We attempt to rebalance the keys (and daily giveaways) system to make Gold Keys financially viable.
  5. As our skills develop, we’ll advance to harder goals, like skill refactors and new skins. The Holy Grail is new adaptations, then new characters. Once we can achieve that, we’ll encourage 2K to start spending a little on promoting the game.
  6. We attempt to boost sales by pumping content. (And not giving it away with daily rewards.)

Of course, all this can only happen if enough people – and enough skilled people – offer their help. Go forth and show the greatest love for Evolve!
##Sign-up link here --> Survey: Evolve Stage 2: Community continuation of development

Besides the people who will actually work on the game, you can also contribute by covering any expenses that we might have. The amount is totally up to you, and we will only ask for it if we need it. (We solemnly promise not to call upon donations until the need is desperate, and will never frivolously use your funds.) Alternatively, you can also join the feedback group. When we have any big decisions we need to make, or we are badly split on a decision, we’ll call upon you guys to help decide. You’ll need to keep an eye on the forums: we’ll let the choice stew for 24 hours, and then start evaluating the responses.

All three contribution types are in the same survey.

The intro text on the form:

On October 25, Turtle Rock Studios announced that they are no longer able to continue the development of Evolve, as their contract was terminated by publisher 2K, and 2K owns the IP for the Evolve franchise. As fans, we are sad to see TRS go, and leave the game in an obviously unfinished state.

We can guess why 2K did this. The expenses are great, as they have to support the salaries and expenses of TRS personnel working on Evolve. On the other hand, Gold Key sales are likely to seem lackluster, due to only selling in the United States, only for PC players, when console has historically been larger, and because the sharp initial spike of old players buying keys causes the appearance of a downward trend.

2K claims development is complete. Of course, anyone who has played the game can call this out as untrue. Simply put, 2K does not intend on continuing development in the forseeable future. Although the servers will remain up, with an incomplete product and no hope of updates, the playerbase is already dwindling at an accelerated rate. At this rate, the game we love will quickly dwindle and die.

This is our solution. We, the community members who love Evolve, will band together to form a new development studio and take over the development of Evolve Stage 2. Until the point where 2K regains confidence in the financial viability of Evolve, we will work free-of-charge, requiring no salaries from 2K. Our work is offered to 2K for publishing under their name. We seek nothing but to maintain Evolve’s playerbase with updates to the game.

This is a survey intended to collect information suggesting the feasibility, or lack thereof, of the proposed project, and the expected participation numbers and capabilities.

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Hm, interesting. In what language is the engine written? 'Cause I have some very basic Python skills, and I’m willing to brush those up if need be

What do we do with keys? We obviously can’t make them real paid currency that goes to anything, unless we’re basically working for 2K; in which case, we have to be a legitimate studio. And, for legal reasons, I don’t think they can just accept unpaid labor. I wouldn’t say this plan is absolutely impossible, but it’s probably too ambitious in its current form. You’ll have to jump through lots of hoops for this to work.


C++ primarily, also a little Lua and ActionScript (Scaleform). Modified CryEngine 3.


Ah, alright. Thanks for the headsup. Was thinking on picking up C++ anyways after I finished Python, but I might now switch those around, and start with C++

’Tis a modified CryEngine. 3, I think. EDIT: got ninja’d

We will be working for 2K. All pay will go to them. We just want to work on it. We’ll be a pseudo-legit studio, someone can get any paperwork needed. They should be able to accept unpaid labour if we agree that it’s unpaid and the result belongs wholly to them.

You should also post this under the Evolve steam discussions. Too see if you can get more people to work with.

I feel like new content would be extremely slow as on the final livestream @Insane_521 and @MacMan were discussing what else they’d add if they have one month left to develop. They said that even one month is unlikely for a new adaption and they have a whole team of professional developers which just goes to show how much time it would take to create things.

Not trying to be a killjoy but I just find it highly unlikely that 2k will agree to this and let alone finding anywhere near the amount of people to develop it like TRS has.


Good idea. But I think I’ll wait for 2K’s approval before widening the sourcing. After all, all our more enthusiastic players are here.

The objective is not to develop fast, but to develop something. To keep the game alive, fix balance, and clean it up, maaaybe a little content, until 2K regains confidence.

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If this is what you want to attempt, more power to you.

Good luck.


Have devs confirmed that it’s even possible to do this? If yes, then this is a great idea. Fixing bugs and balance changes would be really nice even if we don’t get any more characters or maps. Although…the legacy maps are still in there somewhere right? So wouldn’t we be able to just implement them all into custom games at least?

(Just an idea. I barely have any experience with programming.)

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Keep in mind - with a full team of devs, there’s still only probably a handful working on something like a variation at a time. So it’s not the quantity so much as the experience level - and the fact that we’d be doing it part-time.

And even then, slow content is better than none.

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Dev response is… that they cannot comment on it. So since there isn’t an outright rejection, and they “can’t” say anything, I’m guessing 2K is limiting what they can say on it. Therefore, everything should be okay if 2K says it is.

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Have you tried contacting 2K yet?

No, I need credibility to do so. That means saying I already have a team, of size x, with y programmers, z artists, etc. etc. Once I hit a good number of responses, I’ll compose a nice, long proposal for 2K.


I wish I could help with more than just design and balance ideas.(Which I do have quite a bit of experience with since I design board games for fun…)

I think what really could’ve saved this game was console release. Should’ve been 2K’s priority from the start. Console players are a whole extra money mine for evolve… Would it be possible for this group to pull that off? Or is that never ever gonna happen now?

I could help with spanish localization :confounded::confounded::confounded:

It’s pretty much all I can do… I was even thinking about asking TRS about it, since some character descriptions and titles need a lot of work :sweat_smile:

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but but i dunno how 2 kode