We still need a bug/stability patch


We got the balance patch. It is cool. Wraith can still give chase but it isn’t crazy. We got the new characters and other than the already cataloged issues they are pretty awesome. Now can we have a bug and stability patch?

I had fun with my team last night but we still experienced tons of issues finding a game and staying in a game. The game still crashed for us. My brother joined in to a lobby as Monster even though there were open slots on the other roles. My first game of the night I played alone and joined in as a Wraith. It was stuck eating that initial meal under the drop ship. I was finally able to move but only after the Hunters dropped right on top of me. I managed to survive the first fight, give them the slip, and then get to stage 2 only to have all my abilities stripped. So now I am stage 2 with 3 points. I end up with half a bar of health and get to stage 3 and only get 3 more points.

I am happy for all the new characters and the balance patch but the stability and bug fixes haven’t been addressed in a few weeks and it is kinda distressing.