We should push 2K for an appology to gamers and TRS


This marketing nightmare is incredibly detrimental to Evolve’s success, giving TRS a lot of stress, headache, and flak, and ultimately ruining their image, and turning gamers away from the next possible greatest thing in gaming

This is a real mess, ultimately.


Why would you like an apology thats just pathetic. Ofc they’ve learned from “mistakes” if this was one, we dont know yet. Way too many people jumping on these hate trains im pretty sure 2K has done a lot of great stuff for the game itself to.


No apology. But they should hit the marketing budget with some extra dollar signs. It’s a great game and doesn’t deserve to be overlooked. Which I definitely think it might.


Generally this whole stigma surrounding the game is detrimental to its success, The devs worked their asses off on this game for 5 years, and then an incredible nightmare of marketing and PR comes along.

Seriously, someone needs to be held accountable for this


I don’t see a problem with the marketing. If some folks can’t understand the various packages available…it’s not really complicated.


We already have lots of threads for and against DLC and marketing stuff, and people are making a way bigger deal of it than it is. To cut down on redundancy, I’m gonna close this one.



I don’t believe anyone owes anyone an apology. It’s just the public that went batshit insane over a quote that was taken out of context and spun around and blown out of proportions. That did not come out of 2K’s mouth, by the way, but TRS’ own devs.

I myself saw nothing wrong with the quote, but people tend to be very self-centred when it comes to DLC and the like. I’m happy with the DLC that’s offered, but people think it’s all day 1, on-cd DLC, which is the issue-- it’s not. It was just announced a tad too early and led people to think so.

A sad mishap, but from the numbers so far, I’d say this game is set for success.