We should find a guy called David (The David Thread)


Photoshop his face onto one of the hunters
And photoshop a goliath in there.
…Sorry. I need to throw ideas out somewhere.


Why do you only ask for these things when I’m going to school ~.~


We haven’t even found a David yet, that’s the first thing on the list. :smiley:




I’m talking about a guy named David on the forums
much more fun!


A. Is your name actually David?
B. Can I have your face




Not the Hoff!


Um, okay, this place is now going onto my NSFW list…


This was not my intention!
Curls into a ball and cries


I do not blame you. I only blame the Hoff.


The Hoff that could not be stopped… T_T


This David?

Oh and he comes with a Medic.


I’m not sure which David that is. o_o


David Nolan aka the sexiest dilf on earth aka Prince Charming aka Husband Of Snow White aka sexiest dilf on earth from ABC’s Once Upon A Time.


But hes
not on the FORUUUUUUMS D:


what are we talking about now?


We’re on the hunt for a David on the forums so we can PS his face onto a hunter and PS a goliath so we have David and the Goliath





Right. I need to rename this thread.
Dies crying