WE NEED YOU! Help us resolve the "falling through world bug"

If you experience a “falling through world” bug, check the issues listed below to find the one that most appropriately fits your issue and post to that particular thread. Attaching a video of the issue would be most helpful, but just reporting it is fine. Add as much detail as you can about what was going on and where it was.

If you don’t think your particular issue is listed, go ahead and post to this main thread.

1~ Dead bodies falling through the game world
This is the main issue we’re currently trying to reproduce. I’ve gotten reports
of it happening most often on Distillery and Orbital Drill, but it has been
reported on every map. I believe it has to do with the dead body falling across
uneven terrain. If you play as Lazarus, you have a good chance of seeing the
dead body teleport hundreds of meters away. People were mentioning only seeing
it with particular characters… perhaps by listing that info we can get a consensus
if it has something to do with particular character models?

2~ Living/incapped characters getting pushed through geometry
When some mechanic like a pounce, knockback, grapple animation, etc… pushes a
player through geometry and the end of the sequences puts them inside geometry.
We have safeguards in code to handle these cases, but edge cases are probably
happening still so we would need a video or pictures of locations and details
of what happened to replicate the scenario and see what extra safeguards need
to be put in to compensate for that. Wildlife bodies may also have this occur
when they transition from living to dead states.

3~ Some knock back force is actually pushing you through the map
Attacks with knock back force like the Crowbill Sloth’s heavy hit & Goliath’s
Leap attack have been reported to be pushing players through the map. I’d like
to see more videos of this.

4~ AI falling out of the game world during normal gameplay
AI issues in general require videos from end users for us to reproduce
in house. Even then, it can be difficult to get the AI to do the same
thing as a bug requires. It’s still the most helpful way to address AI

5~ Characters falling out of the game world due to server latency

We have seen that when there is a latency issues between the server and
clients, the game can get in a bad state during a drop ship sequence and
players being falling at the wrong time (usually too early). We’ve tried
cleaning this up quite a bit, but we can only do so much before we need an
exact repro to clean up these cases further and it’s hard to know what the
latency, frame rates, & performance of all the clients/server were like
when this occurred.

If this is occurring, try to bring up the player list and grab a screenshot of the bars to see everyone’s
ping next to their name. Make note of any odd joining/leaving players, if
anyone was having any performance issues with the game slowing down, what your
frame rate was, or if additional programs were running in the background. I’d
like to get a consensus of what kind of conditions are common when this issue
is going on.

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Is footage from the beta acceptable? I know I have footage of it happening at least once in my beta recordings.

i will try to get footage but i …kinda saw this once happen to me.

I’ve only seen it on the few hours ive played on PS4 version. I was playing goliath, well technically the AI was playing goliath since i was in the restroom.

on my way back from the restroom I noticed goliath had fallen through map. dont remember the specific level. i was playing online against live hunters.

ill see if i can repro.

sorry not much i know, but i hope it helps.

Sorry can’t remember exactly what happened.But it happened in the water.Couldn’t jetpack out and i started falling

PS.Can’t be 100% sure about this but while i was swimming and was trying to get outside i think that’s when i fall.Before i got out.Like there was no ground for me to step and get out of the water

joined a game earlier to this.

the bot seemed to not be falling below a certain point. just running exactly in place, not falling or moving forward or anything.

as soon as i took over though i began falling out of the playable area and eventually died

dunno if this is any help at all, but i got a kick out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it happened a lot when u play as lazarus

On a side note, I had a hunter get flung 700m outside the map

@damjess that what you need video of?

Didn’t someone have footage of this happening to them as Wraith? I can’t find the thread, but I know it was posted up on here.

I’ve not experienced it much, maybe once or twice since release? It seemed to be something specific to me and my character. I was playing hyde one match I remember distinctly and I died twice, both times in the same match falling through the floor much to Laz’s annoyance. No-one else fell through the map, but I did every time.

Didn’t happen in the games following that though. I believe the map was barracks though I can’t be sure.

PC, at the time was probably playing windowed mode if that’s at all relevant.

Yeee I remember this bug, it happened to me 3 times and also with Lazarus in team. Always the hunter who flew was an assault. 500m+.

IMHO it has only happened to me once or twice when my connection was acting funny. It only happens while the hunter team is chatting before drop(in their ship thingy) that entire chatter is replaced by the player falling through world but the game resumes after the drop sequence has been completed…atleast for me idk about others

on fusion plant the sloth guarding the entrance through the corridor charged me through a wall

:i was jetpacking into a wall and the sloth charged me through

:im getting a pic later on the exact position

Entirely anecdotal, so this may be inaccurate…

However, when I’m playing with or as laz, I notice it happens when the bleed out hunter is killed by a knockback ability like leap smash, rock throw, vortex, etc and the transfer between bleeding out and death has a higher probability of dropping out of the world.

Got nothing beyond that though.

Players join a game, sometimes at the start the intro drop ship scene is buggy in various ways, then it drops them through the planet far away from where it normally drops them in.

Friend of mine quit playing the game entirely solely because of this bug.

In my experience, it’s usually Support (and sometimes Assault) who falls out of the map. I rarely see it happen to Medic or Trapper.

Earlier today, I charged a Support on Goliath while he was pinned against a rocky corner wall, and it pushed him out of the map. There was also an occurrence where I saw a Trapper get hit by Rock Throw and he fell through the map in an elevated but open area.

There’s a lot of times when I’m playing Support and get pinned in a corner by the monster (such as in the Fusion Plant relay or in a canyon) and consequently incapacitated, I can see halfway through the wall or floor. Upon bleed out, I fall through the map, and once that occurs it will consistently happen every time I bleed out for the rest of the match. As others mentioned, it happens a lot with Lazarus in the party, but sometimes not.

I believe, when I’m pinned and the glitch occurs, that I’m attempting to use my jetpack just before it happens. It’s often the heat of battle, though, so I can’t be 100% sure.

All I remember was I was in a battle, I think I used an attack and then dropped through the floor. Not sure what the map is called but there’s a canyon running through the middle of the map and from the drop site, it happened on the far left of the map but not in the water

One time I pushed freshly evolved monster into the ground with Orbital Strike. As in he started falling through the ground after strike was summoned onto him. That was kind of funny.

I had a different form of this bug… Playing as the Kraken in solo mode last night, i sneaked pounced some wild life and proceeded to eat it immediately. The corspe of the animal then fell through the ground. I will try to replciate this later and hopefully get some footage or screen shots…

I’ve seen this bug… twice? or maybe three times.

it was first time…

after Goliath grasped me with finish-move melee attack and he dumped me through ground…
I can’t remember that where was I playing…


it was second one.

I was fighting against monster. I jumped and jumped again to avoid monster’s attack.

and suddenly I fell through the wall… it was Wraith trap map. I was near the center, I mean near the wraith trap (If my memory is correct.)

I’m so sorry i don’t have any video…

Had it as Laz - I think a corpse went through the floor the when it turned from incap to dead. Maybe it’s somehow tied to the status change?

A friend of mine had this problem 2 days ago when Laz couldn’t revive because of fallen bodies. (The funny thing is that the Monster still ate it but Laz couldn’t get the revive beforehand :disappointed: we lost because of it) I wish I reported this sooner…I could look and see if I kept some recorded vids. :neutral_face: