WE NEED YOU - Community Players List


I don’t have access to the edit option on the 1st post anymore so i can’t update it :(.

Can you do it or unlock the access please ?


Not something I can do unfortunately. What you can do is start a new topic and I can copy/paste the info from here into the new one. Then you should be able to keep updating that one.

Probably unlist this one if you do that.

PS4-UncleBobtastic-Hunter(Preferred)/Monster-Any(Except Val/Slim)-Behemoth/Wraith-AU-15

Xbox One - Sleazy Pickle
I can play any role, Hunter or Monster.
I prefer to play as Assault or Support.
I’m from the United States, and I am 30.

I consider myself to be decently skilled, and I am always trying to improve my game. I’m looking for players who want to have fun, but care enough to be somewhat serious about it.

ID - Bobberio
Hunter player, medic and trapper mostly (slim, laz, crow, griffin and jack)
Region - Europe, Italy
Age 23

Can your add me in that List. Im at Post 270 III Laser III.

Octopus planet and roman reighns832 have wrongly spelled her name i proof that 2 times you can delete him.

People what is whit your most are lazy. I send it 80 massage whit friend requests and 10/80 send me message beck or i play whit you. Dont write only your name´s here add some guys.

I run into you during Evac quite often! :laughing:

I’m gonna add you :thumbsup:

I have never used these forumes before so I am very confused… All I want is a team for the 2nd tournament… XD Thanks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Best bet is to start adding gamertags or PSN names!

dante408x California, 21,
Prefer trapper or assult
Dont like being monster but pretty good at it.

PS4 - Mr_WiZard-God - Hunter & Monster - Any Class - EAST USA - 17

XBOne- ABTRANSFORMR-hunter/monster- support preferred-east coast US- 18 years of age.

XBox One - Rapterror9 - Hunter and Monster - Medic, Trapper, Wraith - USA - 15

Xbox one- Divine X Thorn- Hunter and monster - Trapper, Support, Goliath - USA - 14