We need to stop complaining so much


Buffs and nerfs are awful. I hate hearing about how people can’t win against a certain comp. I’m tired of hearing how certain hunters are useless. Seriously everyone has to stop shaming Bucket, even if a rocket buff would be nice or a better head deployment.
I’m just gonna run through this.
Cabot isn’t useless or unplayable assaults just aren’t used to coordinating so much with the rest of the team. Great assaults soak up rock throws directed at others or banshee mines or abductions. If you think Cabot isn’t viable with Val that’s fine. Mayonnaise doesn’t have to taste good on a hot dog. #dealwithit
Bucket is honestly pretty incredible at stage one compared to a hank. So it’s fair he isnt as good at other stages. Maybe play him differently. Just use him to drop turrets and air strike instead of acting like assualt 2. People say Ciara is useless. She heals less than Val, but so does everyone! Her napalm needs a buff. But her grenades are fine you just need to be accurate. If her healing was better everyone would be saying Val is UP and useless. I have no problem with people saying Slim sucks. I actually get excited when someone picks him. EMET is just fine though.
There really isn’t a bad trapper or assault. Gorgon needs a buff but she smacks pubs so we can just accept that it won’t happen. Kraken isn’t OP you just don’t have a great trapper and support. Wraith isn’t UP, you just have to be creative.
My point is that TRS did a great job with balancing this game and if you don’t like how characters are set up just get ready for adaptations you’ll get even madder. I never lose a game and say they/he was worse than me and he had an advantage. The disparity is really pretty small the better team usually wins. Lastly, if you aren’t a tournament player and you’re complaining about how much hunters win or krakens win in tournaments, don’t. You don’t usually play anyone nearly that good. Deuces


We have a rant thread. ^^;;


What’s it called


i dont think this counts as a rant. he’s not complaining about anything itself but rather wants the community (or those who are a part of this) to stop complaining about buffs/nerfs

@niaccurshi already seemed to have passed by too (he liked the thread) and it hasnt been moved yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m complaining about complaining


Here it is

This thread is fine, but you can rant about things that bother you in the game here :smile: . Just for future reference.


i say transfer


I don’t see this as a rant any more than the multiple, plentiful, non-moved “X is OP/UP” or “Y Balance discussion” threads, personally.

The general rant thread is for off topic rants, the evolve anonymous thread is for rants about in game experiences. This doesn’t count as either of those.

That said, I’m not sure how far this thread can go, so I guess we’ll see if people contribute more to it than to just question where it should exist on the forum :wink: Derailing over? :smiley:


I think he’s ok here. and he’s not entirely wrong lol


I fucking died right here. Absolutely lost it.

This is real, though.

100% agree with the thread, but complaints won’t ever stop. Everyone has opinions, and even those of us who like to think it’s relatively good the way it is have something we’d like to say. Still, I’d like for it to subside some. If nothing else, it would be cool if everyone on the forums was able to calmly state facts and opinions without getting fired up or mad about someone else disagreeing. Myself included.


Eh, no. Theres lots wrong with the game and not complaining just means nothing would change.


I like mayo on my hot dog though :sob:


There’s a difference between idle complaints with negative criticism and calmly constructed proposals and civil discussions about what we want to change. I agree that we should all voice our opinions, but the majority of these balance threads are little more than rants born in the heat of a loss or from pent up frustration. That’s what needs to change


I’m just saying the balance is good we can suggest changes and ideas for the future but we shouldn’t be so critical, the game is great, we just need/want minor tweaks.


Slim sucks, seriously. Peace out!


Can we all stop complaining about people complaining? I hate it. Dear TRS please get these complaining complainers out of my sight. This has been a problem since alpha and no one has addressed this issue. Complaining about complaining is OP TRS didn’t nerf nearly hard enough, pls fix.

-complainer, complaining about complainers complaining about complaints.



And an amazing gif to top it all off.


I’ll never get tired of his gifs. XD


So much poetry… so much beaty … so much win in that post… Well spoken brother… :,-(


I find this thread to be ironic.