We need to fix kraken


Kraken’s potential from getting away from the hunters is terrible, but the thing I don’t understand is that his in combat potential is devastating. Hes so slow and sluggish but when you dome him he hits a banshee mine, a lightning strike and some other ability/snow ball and you’re immediately dead. This is a HUGE flaw with kraken because it throws off the balance of the fight. He breaks the major and basic rules of the game! Rule 1: The monsters are supposed to be faster than the hunters, which kraken isn’t. Rule 2: all 4 hunters should equal up to the power of the monster in battle to create a balanced and fair fight, which isn’t the case with kraken at all. I propose TRS nerfs some of his in combat strengths to make him more balanced in combat, while buffing his chase potential to make him fly and move faster so he can actually get away.


Upcoming changes in the form of the following:


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