We need to add some more numbers (Game Changer Site)


I played as an assault and medic more than 1 hour, probably a day and one hour.

Could you add two more chars? :))


3 5 858 129 834585 982 93 5 98394 20 11 34 16 3944 45 53 112

…I added some numbers! :smiley:


This isn’t for Hunters Quest, and the stat site hasn’t been functioning properly for a while now.


It’s in the application Hunters quest, so…


It’d be accurate to say “Many different things in the entire spectrum of this game haven’t been functioning properly for a while now”


It’s just a link, you can access it without the app.


Yes and that link we can see only in application Hunters Quest.

But I don’t really care…

Just hope for a fix. (More numbers)