We need some Steam-Friends who play active Evolve - PC - [Silver Skilled+]


Hi guys,
after now a long time on console I want to come back sometimes to PC but almost every person in my steam friendlist plays other games and not Evolve.

Some evenings its hard to find a group of four, so if you wanna play with us/me than just leave here your steam name or add me.

Steam: TatzyXY
Rank: Silver Expert
We are online every day from: 20:00 - 24:00 Europe but sometimes we play on console in this time.


You already added me, but it wouldn’t hurt to include region and usual active times of day in your thread.


Yes, yesterday. I was searching through all Evolve Steam-Groups and there I have seen you. I hope it was okay to send you an friend request :smiley:

Ohh yes. done, thanks.


Silver Master - U.S but im free most of the day today


Nice thank you will add you later if I am at home.


Can play most days. Prefer Trapper/ Support, Currently Silver expert


need some more…Who wants?


Profile <-- link

Feel free to add me ^^


added but need some more…


Add me El_BeastroWW


Who ever had flagged me, I am sorry

I though it was funny, I was basically saying that I could do every one of those but since I don’t play online I have no ranked.

Again it was supposed to be funny and not offending


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