We need one player who is every evening online (europe) and plays often Evolve - PS4


Hi guys,

and still we searching for a constant fourth player who plays Evolve almost every evening :smiley:
Just be social and at least Silver Expert would be nice.


v This was just posted an hour ago. Go check it out. :slightly_smiling:

(I also moved this thread to the “Looking for member” category).


Nah not him, he was teabagging and some other stuff. We searching for nice social players.

It was already xD.


It was in the looking for group. You are not searching for a group, you are searching for a member to join your group, right? :wink:


Ahh yes, sorry! Its right, you got me.


Yeah, sorry about that the other day. I just wasn’t ready for 2.0 :wink:


We still need one. Sometimes all our friends playing other games or are already in a party. So if you are good and want to play with us hunt 2.0 Then just add me. Same name as here…