We need more teams for Tournaments


Come on guys. Every week we have the Helix Gamer League Tournement and every sunday we have ESL. Go get some people together, form a team, and join. You may not end up taking the 1st place but you can see how well you are doing compared to other teams, learn something and pick up some tricks to improve your game for next week. Like seriously i practice with my team EVERY day but the most practice comes out of the tournements. If you have problems finding the last guy to make your group complete then use this forum here to find people. This game needs as many teams as possible right now to show off that its not going down.


but I don’t like creating a battefly account. I would though just be that 1 guy that a team can have as monster for free.


If evolve competitive would be in any form interesting. I mean bad rule after bad rule and you really can’t understand why you are alone?

Bad rules, bad management, bad Organisation. At Least esl was a pain to play and watch.


Did use battlefy for evolve on ps4 once, it was ok.

  • sign up,
  • check in,
  • talk picks/bans in chat or mod,
  • setup lobby and wait to go.

Yes I am interested to play some tourneys, also made a topic.

For the same reason I always like/liked to play ranked games: to learn most from the hours you spend playing.


under the current auto win for hunters balance of the game there is literally no reason for any monster player (in their right mind) to play this game competitively.


how about we make a tournament in wich all solo monsters can challenge nDG in a best of 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

winner gets a pat. digital.


Fresh wins almost all of his games. So it is possible


Pick one.

Anyway, the TRS community tourney got quite a good signup rate as I recall, but there’s been no word on a second one.


Everyday I still hope for tournament for South East Asia ppl.
Fighting against pro-player with 300+ ping isnt fun for my team, especially for monster player.


? IMO the current pick rules are the best Evolve ever had.

Our team participated in the TRS Amateur Tournament and the HGL Amateur Tournament. The matches were fun and we are thinking about participating in other tourneys. But most of the times participating is not possible because somebody is away on Saturday / Sunday. :confused:

One thing bothered me in the tourneys:
The waiting times are sometimes terrible. Often it took forever to communicate with our opponents.
The battlefy chat is a great tool for that but not if people are AFK. I think it’s rude to squeeze in a scrim or whatever and let the other team wait for 25 minutes.
So I would like to make one request: If you do sign up, please communicate as fast as possible and start the games as fast as possible! Don’t let the other team wait. :slight_smile:


Not allowed to play the same monster twice? Come on. Do i need to elaborate why this is bad?


IMO it’s awesome.

  • More variety for the viewers
  • Monster / hunter players need to master a few characters instead of just find one OP monster / combo
  • The thought process about which character to pick in each round and which character to save for later increases the level of strategy over the course of an entire best of 5 -> more interesting


But i want to see the best monster and not the second best. If the game has no diversity, then its the games fault. Doesn’t mean you need to force people into playing the inferior thing.

I explicitly stated monster. On hunter side it is a necessary evil due to the ton of combinations.


So you wanna see one hunter comp against a kraken like it was in legacy? Like kraken over and over again…


I want so see fresh play his best monster and not fresh playing his second best.

And again. I explicitly stated monster.


Then watch Ryke’s stream. Fresh is very good with all the monsters. If he wins with one monster character more than with the others it’s not really because he is better with this monster it’s because this monster is stronger right now.

The only one that really ever mastered a monster like now one else could was nimp. Aside from that every monster player always just played the monster that was the best at that moment (well except deanimate). That was boring. ^^


Yeah fresh doesnt rly have a best monster. Hes masterd them all thats why he plays monster for us.
And now how the picks work, they force you to think ahead even tho lets say kraken is my best monster i would never pick him on weather control against any trapper that has stasis. So even if the rules would be like you want them to be you often gonna end up not seeing the best monster player play his best monster just because of the map or the 2 blind picks you get by the hunters


So… Why do you need the rule then?
Thats like implementing a rule that forces you to let the monster evolve for viewer enjoyment. Similar arbitrary.


Because tournements dont work without rules. You still gonna see for example source playing his strongest monster. You just not end up seeing it fkin every single match. Like in esl it was always val sunny griffin.


I explained the arguments for it before. IMO they are pretty strong and there is no downside really. If you don’t agree you don’t agree. That’s fine.

Maybe you haven’t seen enough legacy ESL matches to get bored of always the same lineups against always the same monsters.

Either way, there’s nothing more to say. ^^