We need more games like Evolve. Here's to its success


I haven’t ever specifically gone to forums to defend games until now. Creative and well done AAA titles like this are exactly what this gen needs. A game full of strategy, skill, and rpg elements with multiplayer that really lets you act out your childhood dreams of monsters and scifi/horror movies. This gen has been dry for me so far and hopefully Evolve achieves success so that more AAA devs can get some courage to make more complicated games for consoles.


The game didn’t even come out yet.


We’ve played the alpha, beta, and seen countless videos. I think that entitles me to say it deserves success in my opinion.


I agree with you. I played both the Alpha and Beta and I have to say I’m very excited to own the game and play as the monsters to feast upon the flesh of the prey… I mean hunters >:3


What you’re trying to say is we need TRS to never stop making games :wink:


Success isn’t something deserved, it’s earned. im glad you have an opinion but I disagree with the sentiment, no offense


Isn’t there another asymmetric game like this coming out? It’s sort of like D&d where there’s a party of 4 and the other player spawns enemies can change into a copy of one of the characters and gets a final boss form.


Only 4v1 game I can think of is dying light and fable legends.

Although dying light is abit messy IMO.


I found it shadow realms it was originally PC exclusive now it’s coming to ps4 and xboxone bio ware game. The other is damned so far PC Exclusive where 4 people search for keys to escape the level while another player is a ghost/demon.